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Not From Harrison!

28 Jun

This is actually an email sent to us by his mission president’s wife: 

Dear Parents of  our great San Fernando Missionaries,

Are you tired?  I am  tired.  And your missionary is tired. Tired and happy.  What a day!  (Apparently, I am too tired to even write complete sentences.)  It is new missionary arrival day and it is awesome!

 Today 44 brand new missionaries arrived to serve in the Great California San Fernando Mission.  We are so excited to have them here.  They hold the record for the largest incoming group (until the next group : ).  Two airplanes (three if you count the one half the luggage came on), multiple cars, vans and trucks and a 20 page outline to make sure everyone arrived and got to the right place.

 Sixteen of our new missionaries are waiting for visas to be able to serve in Argentina and Brazil.  We love our visa waiters and are so pleased that they are willing to serve with us, even for a short time.  Two of our visa waiters are twin brothers who are headed to different missions but get the chance to serve in the same mission here.

 Today we had some food, did some paperwork and most fun, did some missionary work.  The new missionaries were paired up with some of our very best seasoned missionaries and went out to find people to teach.  And find they did.  Twenty-four had the opportunity of giving out copies of the Book of Mormon (one companionship gave out 5!) many were able to testify, they taught lessons, felt the spirit and got a few doors shut in their faces.  We spent some time this evening sharing those experiences, so ask your missionary how it went.

 Tomorrow we will meet for transfer meeting and everyone will meet their new companion/trainer.  Please remember to pray for your missionary’s companion when you pray for your child.  This transfer is very complicated with so many new missionaries on the heels of a big group last time.  Some will be in trios as they are trained because our new missionaries are coming faster than the old missionaries can train them!  But it is truly a miracle to see how the hand of the Lord is carefully arranging things so that somehow it all works out.

 Tomorrow’s transfer meeting is also more stressful than usual.  At the end of June, one third of the San Fernando Mission and one third of the Ventura Mission will split off to form the California Bakersfield Mission.  We are thrilled to be part of this great hastening of the work and growth of the Church, but it does mean that 75 of our beloved missionaries will be permanently re-assigned to the Bakersfield Mission.  President Hall has spent a great amount of time fasting and praying to know the will of the Lord for each and every missionary—including the new arrivals.  He is currently finishing interviewing all of the new missionaries and will have a long night ahead of him as he seeks revelation on which area and with which companion they should serve.

 This is a fantastic group of missionaries.  They are ready and willing to serve.  We are so excited to be able to work alongside them.


Sister Hall


Guess who was in the companionship who gave out 5 BOM?  Well you’ll find out in Harrison’s next letter. 



28 Jun

23504 Lyons ave. 91321 Santa Clarita California, that’s the mission office address.

(Referring to the previous post’s picture from the Mission President’s wife) The twins are the center facing one another, yeah it’s hard to tell in this picture, the heights aren’t even that different, the first day was awesome handed out like 5 Book of Mormon copies a few cards and talked to a bunch of people while tracking for like an hour while still being introduced, I am in a triplet which makes since since I could leave anytime, no idea when, especially with all that’s happening in the Capitol. I love it though, elder Davidson and Benjamin. They are great Davidson is training both of us and its been awesome, I’ve learned so much. We have great member meals every night, it’s awesome to meet them that way, and its against the rules to try to help clean up we should go as soon as we’re done, sorry mom. We have a couple baptisms set on the 13 th and one baptized last Sunday, it sounds like this is an awesome time to jump into the area, also we have new people to teach just coming out on our left and right, a few coming to us telling us that they either want to join or come back and a great family we just recently met asked us about our church and we gave them the Book of Mormon and the mother read the promise and felt the spirit very strongly, we should be meeting with them this week. And a few others, one of our investigators who contacted the church basically teaches us the lessons he is so awesome, we also hope to include the members a lot more, it will be awesome. Today it’s been like 70 degrees so much better, but yeah still to hot. I’m sorry to hear about the poison ivy, hope it heals quickly, oh and fun thing, this week we get to cast out a devil, that will be interesting, you don’t have to include that in the blog (I did – thought it was interesting). Congrats on the fitness, hope you all look much better then me when I get back, I’ve already gained two pounds haha. Good luck with singing, I know you will do great. We do. Get to go to the temple but I’m not sure when that will be.
love elder Inman
triplecit in CAPic came in a different email:

Hi Davidson’s, Inman’s and Benjamin’s,  Meet “Los Tres Amigos” currently serving in the Reseda Ward.  We had the pleasure of meeting Elder Inman and Elder Benjamin this evening.  We’ve been on a trip and just returned to find we now have 3 amazing missionaries.  Elder Davidson is training these 2 new young men and and know he will do a wonderful job.  All 3 looked well and happy.
My husband and I served in the mission office under the previous mission president and loved every minute of it.  We feel so lucky and blessed to be able to continue to “unofficially” serve in the mission.
Mary Lou and Dave Anderson


11 Jun


Sisters, Hathaway, Jory Miller, Marshall, Anderson Elders, Parkinson, Brooks, Ruiz, Smith, Myrick, Patterson, Haskell

Sisters, Hathaway, Jory Miller, Marshall, Anderson
Elders, Parkinson, Brooks, Ruiz, Smith, Myrick, Patterson, Haskell



It is super weird isnt it, its already going by to quickly, i find out where im getting reassigned this thursday which means i get to call home to tell you, supper cool eh. I feel like you guys are just doing and changing so much, as to awesome books, im reading Jesus the Christ, I started it on thursday and am presently about 450 pages in, one of the best books i have ever read, i suggest it to Eve, also elder Brooks freaked out when he got the letter from Eve, i really do appreciate all the letters from the family and i will be responding soon. As for pics only some of the computers work every once in a while with reading my card so i might not get the pics to you every week. I ran into Sister Yim which is cool, and i has some good district pics with the flag so i will send that when i can with each persom labled. I read and love my blessing every week, and am very jelous of the famiily adventures youve been having. I think it would be amazing you you all live out in the country and what better time to move than when hyour blessed by a serving Elder, of course follow the spirit. Thank you for the blog and all you do for me. As for whats been occuring here, Its great, i even had an amazing meal with crecent rolls today, There is this system where departing elderswith to much stuff leave their excess in free boxes in the residences, i recently found a suit that is perfectly fittend to me and was just dry cleaned right befor being put in the free box, it is an amazing suit. i might need to send a package home befor i leave with my extra stuff. The language is amazing, i can understant tons, and speak even more. My teachers are great and have really prepared us with stories and good understanding of our poupose and how to teach. I love you all.
Love Your Elder Inman

first few weeks in the Provo MTC

5 Jun



(Week 3)
I haven’t been gone long enough for you to miss me yet, but i feels like I’ve been here for a few great months, not to much of report worthiness has occurred, learning tons of Portuguese, meeting great people from and going to places all around the world, and i have found a way to just have water fruit grains and vegetables, and i feel much better from that diet. oh and i love you guys and hope you are doing well there at home, oh and elder Brooks, he one that wrote to the girls has been hoping for a reply and i have a couple more letters from elders to send, Elder brooks is the one in the pictures with the darker skin, not the Columbian but the one with slightly spiked hair. i am still enjoying the gifts you guys sent me.
(Week 2)
I am so jealous of eve and aurora, that is supper cool, it feels like i have been here for a couple of great months even though its only been a couple weeks, i was called a district leader and i sent a letter saying as much but you will see this first I’m sure. Eve, Tawny, and Aurora all have quite a few admirers and everyone loves Enoch, the flag is hanging proudly in our class room where we spent 12 hours out of our day every day, the language is coming so quickly, we teach a lesson in Portuguese every night it seems. Also my first Tuesday devotional was great, I’m in the chior so i sang for Russel m Nelson who gave a great talk, i have also heard from on of the funniest women ever, she was an older lady that served a ton of missions, it was her 50 year anniversary since she first left to the Philippians. Oh and Eve in Portuguese is Eva, kinda cool. I’m trying to send pictures but have not been successful in uploading them. My district is still the best in every way, and they love your gifts to me, Also i am very grateful to David for his gift it is great and i hear that it will be needed with the downpours in Brazil. i love the temple here, and mountains surrounding the valley are breathtaking, i hope you continue to have joy and success there, and that your garden flourishes and produces much fruit and vegetables.
Love, Elder Inman
(Week 1)
Hey, This is my first letter as you know, i don’t have much time so this will be quick, I’m sorry i was not able to call on mothers day, when i leave the mtc i will be able to. This week has been so full and so quick, my first day we were just thrown into it, the food is ok, it tastes good-ish, but I’m not so sure how good it is for me, I’m probably going to be very fat when i get home, i have a district with 12 people, 8 elders and 4 sister, we are all going to Goiania which is cool, my companion is Elder Parkinson, he is taller than me and also of fun, we have spent just about every day in our classroom studying all day, Sunday ans Tuesday are nice we have more time to just slow down and visit the beautiful temple here in Provo. i have learned so much Portuguese in the gospel i cant believe I’ve only been here a week, our first full day here we taught an investigator, Vasco, in Portuguese and it was ruff, there was so much that we couldn’t understand and it was very confusing, the second time we taught him we testified more and tried to bring the spirit and it worked well, we got him to pray with us and to come to church with us, and study. hes a very willing investigator, but its hard to get him to gain his own testimony or to feel anything. the Portuguese is coming quickly and i have a very spiritual strong, goal oriented district, I’m singing in choir and we have had a great devotional over how to be a great missionary, and if you can find it i would suggest watching David Bednars talk from Christmas 2011, it was truly inspirational, i wish i was a faster typer but I’m not so i will say bye, i love you all very much, and hope you are receiving many blessings.
Love Elder Inman