28 Jun

23504 Lyons ave. 91321 Santa Clarita California, that’s the mission office address.

(Referring to the previous post’s picture from the Mission President’s wife) The twins are the center facing one another, yeah it’s hard to tell in this picture, the heights aren’t even that different, the first day was awesome handed out like 5 Book of Mormon copies a few cards and talked to a bunch of people while tracking for like an hour while still being introduced, I am in a triplet which makes since since I could leave anytime, no idea when, especially with all that’s happening in the Capitol. I love it though, elder Davidson and Benjamin. They are great Davidson is training both of us and its been awesome, I’ve learned so much. We have great member meals every night, it’s awesome to meet them that way, and its against the rules to try to help clean up we should go as soon as we’re done, sorry mom. We have a couple baptisms set on the 13 th and one baptized last Sunday, it sounds like this is an awesome time to jump into the area, also we have new people to teach just coming out on our left and right, a few coming to us telling us that they either want to join or come back and a great family we just recently met asked us about our church and we gave them the Book of Mormon and the mother read the promise and felt the spirit very strongly, we should be meeting with them this week. And a few others, one of our investigators who contacted the church basically teaches us the lessons he is so awesome, we also hope to include the members a lot more, it will be awesome. Today it’s been like 70 degrees so much better, but yeah still to hot. I’m sorry to hear about the poison ivy, hope it heals quickly, oh and fun thing, this week we get to cast out a devil, that will be interesting, you don’t have to include that in the blog (I did – thought it was interesting). Congrats on the fitness, hope you all look much better then me when I get back, I’ve already gained two pounds haha. Good luck with singing, I know you will do great. We do. Get to go to the temple but I’m not sure when that will be.
love elder Inman
triplecit in CAPic came in a different email:

Hi Davidson’s, Inman’s and Benjamin’s,  Meet “Los Tres Amigos” currently serving in the Reseda Ward.  We had the pleasure of meeting Elder Inman and Elder Benjamin this evening.  We’ve been on a trip and just returned to find we now have 3 amazing missionaries.  Elder Davidson is training these 2 new young men and and know he will do a wonderful job.  All 3 looked well and happy.
My husband and I served in the mission office under the previous mission president and loved every minute of it.  We feel so lucky and blessed to be able to continue to “unofficially” serve in the mission.
Mary Lou and Dave Anderson



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