Not From Harrison!

28 Jun

This is actually an email sent to us by his mission president’s wife: 

Dear Parents of  our great San Fernando Missionaries,

Are you tired?  I am  tired.  And your missionary is tired. Tired and happy.  What a day!  (Apparently, I am too tired to even write complete sentences.)  It is new missionary arrival day and it is awesome!

 Today 44 brand new missionaries arrived to serve in the Great California San Fernando Mission.  We are so excited to have them here.  They hold the record for the largest incoming group (until the next group : ).  Two airplanes (three if you count the one half the luggage came on), multiple cars, vans and trucks and a 20 page outline to make sure everyone arrived and got to the right place.

 Sixteen of our new missionaries are waiting for visas to be able to serve in Argentina and Brazil.  We love our visa waiters and are so pleased that they are willing to serve with us, even for a short time.  Two of our visa waiters are twin brothers who are headed to different missions but get the chance to serve in the same mission here.

 Today we had some food, did some paperwork and most fun, did some missionary work.  The new missionaries were paired up with some of our very best seasoned missionaries and went out to find people to teach.  And find they did.  Twenty-four had the opportunity of giving out copies of the Book of Mormon (one companionship gave out 5!) many were able to testify, they taught lessons, felt the spirit and got a few doors shut in their faces.  We spent some time this evening sharing those experiences, so ask your missionary how it went.

 Tomorrow we will meet for transfer meeting and everyone will meet their new companion/trainer.  Please remember to pray for your missionary’s companion when you pray for your child.  This transfer is very complicated with so many new missionaries on the heels of a big group last time.  Some will be in trios as they are trained because our new missionaries are coming faster than the old missionaries can train them!  But it is truly a miracle to see how the hand of the Lord is carefully arranging things so that somehow it all works out.

 Tomorrow’s transfer meeting is also more stressful than usual.  At the end of June, one third of the San Fernando Mission and one third of the Ventura Mission will split off to form the California Bakersfield Mission.  We are thrilled to be part of this great hastening of the work and growth of the Church, but it does mean that 75 of our beloved missionaries will be permanently re-assigned to the Bakersfield Mission.  President Hall has spent a great amount of time fasting and praying to know the will of the Lord for each and every missionary—including the new arrivals.  He is currently finishing interviewing all of the new missionaries and will have a long night ahead of him as he seeks revelation on which area and with which companion they should serve.

 This is a fantastic group of missionaries.  They are ready and willing to serve.  We are so excited to be able to work alongside them.


Sister Hall


Guess who was in the companionship who gave out 5 BOM?  Well you’ll find out in Harrison’s next letter. 


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