4th of July and short post from last week.

8 Jul

That is crazy, we also just had a fun week, though my letter has to be short, we had a lot of training meetings, that lasted about 9 hours each, very spiritual, and we found and invited an investigator to baptism this saturday, he is super awesome, also it is very hot here, 117 on day. lastly I saw the ocean from a very high rock, it was awesome, loved it, love and miss you all, good luck with everything, I have a lot of stories to share latter, love

Elder Inman
p.s. we have not yet done the house yet, we need to reschedule

The following pictures and explanations are thanks to Sister Anderson!

Staring our amazing missionaries.  Of course we fed them all they could eat.  They spent time visiting with new members and investigator followed by playing with the kids and helping them catch rockets shot off by a couple of our High Priests.

4th breakfast III 4th breakfast IV4th breakfast II 4th breakfast

A few hours later when no one could possibly be hungry, we party on at a member’s home.  This is tradition so pretty much the entire ward shows up with more food.  Side dishes or desserts to share while the Kerrigan family provided hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob, snow cones and cotton candy.  Of course we all know that the elders won’t disappoint us.. They will be hungry.  After an afternoon of great food and fun folks, they head out on their bikes to find someone to teach.    4th Lunch III 4th lunch II 4th lunch


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