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9 Jul

It is true on average(so I’ve heard) it takes 8 encounters with the church before someone considers considering joining. I’m sorry for the short letter, we email in an apple store and it was busy and at the moment I was writing you a guy came buy and told us we couldn’t stay on much longer. We just had my first baptism, it was super Spiritual, the most I have seen yet, since I cant say names I’ll call him A, He actually came to us at church, said his wife was a member and the talk that day touched him and made him realize that he needed to get baptized and he also saw a talk by the prophet and knew he had power from God, so we met with him, had a great lesson, committed him to baptism, and set it sooner than we had asked of him because he is about to leave for school so we got all the lessons done and his interviews done in 1 and 1/2 weeks and the day after his baptism he was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood. Awesome guy. My companions and I have a goal to baptize weekly and we have one set up for the next two weeks and hopefully we can get one of our investigators for the week after that, we have had so many miracles of people coming to us and asking to help them return or join, even though most of them have lived out side our area we have had so many successes within it as well, we have been improving and teaching more lessons each week and including the members more. Members are such an important part for missionary work, I hope you do all you can to provide the missionaries with referrals and even better to have lessons with them. I just heard of a family who had a goal to always bring someone with them to church on Sunday no matter what and even though they had less than half who did anything they had about 20 baptisms that year. there are so many good stories that I gain every day but don’t have to time to tell them all but I write them in my journal, right now our ward area will probable be split in a couple weeks and well have another set of missionaries in our ward (we hope for girls because then we could have both sides of the spectrum) and because of all the missionaries coming in they seem to want to do this in a few areas, so we have also been looking for apartments for the new area and deciding where it should split, even with such a full schedule that we have, that’s why I’m writing today since yesterday we went apartment hunting. Still love the threesome, so much power, during the baptism while he was getting dressed we taught a quick restoration to those who were in attendance and it brought such a great spirit. also thank you so much for the towel and card reader unfortunately the card reader does not read my card so I’m not sure what to do with that. I’m glad you had such a great holiday, I’ve had to much food, and I’m glad to see the hall way is finished. I cant believe how much is changing there and all the stuff you all are doing. I’m excited for Dads videos and can’t wait to see the fruits of you labor.   I love you all and know I probably have allot more I should have written about, I have found people who cook vegan, one actually made similar cup cakes to yours and it was delicious, and we have members that we are scheduled to eat at come up to us and say “so I heard you Elders don’t like meat, so I have some good salads for you” my companions get pretty angry about that, its awesome, but we have plenty of meat and enough to spare, and deserts.

Additional notes and pictures thanks to Sis. Anderson!

Since these 3 are pretty much always hungry because of the bike workouts and the heat, I decided to BBQ 2 huge Tri Tip Roasts for dinner.  Since Elder Inman loves to eat anything green I made a few salads and served rice, fresh tomato salsa and chips to go along with all that meat.  Cleaning up was simple because there was nothing left.  They had an appointment right after dinner so they came back today at noon (and right before lunch) to eat the homemade brownies and vanilla ice cream.  I almost forgot to mention the chocolate milk too.  The Reseda Ward takes good care of these guys.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdinner w andersons IIIdinner with andersons IIdinner w anderson


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