Still in Cally!

27 Jul

BakersfieldPioneersGreatCASFMHello there, well I have a disk with all my pictures and ill be sending it home soon (thanks to sister Anderson. We had Y’s baptism and confirmation, and aside from the cold water it was great, we had three investigators attend. A couple of our investigators just got married and they are awesome, the wife is such a joy and the husband is a great guitar player, he can play dozens of instruments and we had a lesson with a brother in our ward who also plays very well, in fact he just got back from Nashville where he was playing in the CMA’s. On Tuesday we went to a lesson that didn’t work out with one of the young men in our ward who is putting in his papers to leave, so since our investigator wasn’t home we prayed and went to knock a door, but most of the places right there were fenced apartments, we saw a house pretty far away and went to it, a boy answered the door and we asked for his parents who were gone so we talked to his older sister instead, we told her we felt like we were meant to talk to her and share a message, she quickly invited us in and we had a great first lesson, her dad walked in in the middle of the lesson and that freaked us out because we weren’t sure how he would take the situation of us sitting there talking to his 18-20 year old daughter, but he just said hi and kept walking through to another room. it was such a cool experience and we will return when she gets back from Guatemala. we have so many great people in the ward and still have meals every night. also I found out about my visa stuff, our Stake P resident communicates for the church to the consulates who process the visas, he informed me that the consulates can only process 60 and 20 visas a month and they get like a thousand a year, so its just a matter of time, he might even find out how long I have left for me. I also got to go climb a mountain today, it was a blast and we got great pictures of the valley, I also had a lizard climb up my arm.

Its been great and I look forward to the coming week, its transfers and our ward will be split and we will have another set of missionaries with us. so much change, also I had a great dream where I was hanging out with all of you going through old memorabilia and stuff from GG’s house.
Love and miss you all,
Love Elder Inman

from 7/15/2013

I am sorry that I dont know Davids email address so i will have to say Happy Birthday in this email, love you Bro, you inspire so many aspects of my mission and I talk about you all the time. This was another great week, we had another baptism on Saturday, this one was AG, an awesome 27   who seems to teach us our lessons, he’s always one step ahead and was very ready to be baptized, Elder Davidson was excited and nervous because this was his first time baptizing someone. AG’s nieces came and one went to church the next day, she is awesome and hopefully we can teach her and her mom, I also got to give the Aaronic Priesthood to AG, it was awesome. We have another baptism this Saturday, Y, She is also super awesome and nervous because she feels like she needs to know everything before being baptized but she is very ready. We found a couple new invewstigators this week, one was a referral that said she knew the church was true and wanted to know more, the other came up to us at the post office and said she wanted to get back with the church, so we thought she was already baptized, both are super awesome, but interesting enough we found out the referral was baptized when she was 11 and the other lady never was baptized, also the referral, R, came to church on sunday, and before this she told us she was getting married so she would be worthy, and during gospel principals we were taught that missionaries could marry someone off since we are ministers, then she looked at us and said she had a question, itll be interesting how this plays out, were sure though, that if she gets married by one of us it would be the bishop. We have so much happen every day that ill only be able to share a fraction of it, and ill save the rest as stories when i get home, its crazy how much i write in my journal every night. im glad to hear of all the fun you are having. love and miss you

Elder Inman

 (next email- same day)

I guess I have time to write a little more, short segments, we contacted on of our referrals and with full confidence he opened the door wide without a shirt and we asked if he was the infamous (small change in name) Jeremy West, and he replied, That will be Dr. Jeremy west to you, in his deep black voice, he was awesome.

I showed off my hoolahooping skills at one of our dinner appointments, and they sent us home with a big bag of treats.
There is this one guy that my trainer me once when it was darker who ever since has tried to curse us from a distance, its funny because on some days he’s quite normal and we have a pleasant conversation. Fun guy.
I am really excited because we almost never fully finish weekly planing, we do it on Thursdays and usually spend about 10 hours doing it, this week we actually successfully completed it and we feel pretty good about that. We also are no longer allowed to go Tracting, we have every hour of ever day planned for specific people.
We helped one Lady move, That brought back great memories, going down 3 stories and through doors that lock every time we go through them, we brought down her fridge and the manager told us that it was the apartments so we had to bring it back up, then later we found out it was hers and had to bring it back down, it was exciting and we ended with slushies.
The weather has been pleasant on and off and the newspaper seems to change it prediction every day on how hot it will be, but it all just seem hot to me.
Another fun part of being a missionary is that it seems that everyone feels the need to confess everything to you, all their deep dark secrets, I know more than I ever thought was necessary.
We also have 4 hours of study each day, I learn so much, but it still doesn’t feel like enough time.
I hope you enjoyed these little thoughts
Elder Inman
The rest of this post is from emails from Sister Anderson from the past couple of weeks)
A couple of our little grand kids were here this evening (visiting here from Seattle) so our Missionaries stopped by and picked up where they left off.  Had a little after dinner snack and played int the water!
IMG_4939 IMG_4941 IMG_4942 IMG_4948 IMG_4949
Fun celebration with the Canoga Park Stake.  I think the whole zone made it into this pic.
IMG_4797 IMG_4803 IMG_4804
This is our from our baptism this morning of Yara.  She is amazing.  This is the 4th baptism we’ve had in the past 4 weeks.  (In case you were wondering who I am, I’m also in the pic,)   Mary Lou and Dave Anderson
One of the sister missionaries is nearly finished with her mission so we decided to have a breakfast in here honor before she goes home.  Many from our zone were able to be there so we had 11 missionaries in all.  We served whole wheat buttermilk waffles, bacon, scrambled eggs, juice, milk, chocolate milk and an assortment of fruit.  Our 3 guys, as usual were very helpful busily setting the table, cracking and beating eggs, and measuring ingredients for the waffles.  The weather was nice and not too hot so we opted to eat outside.  Due to a slight miscalculation as to how many to expect, everyone but one fit at the picnic table.  They claim they all got enough to eat as they demolished everything but 4 strawberries.  We love to serve those who love to serve the Lord.
IMG_4741 IMG_4744 IMG_4745 IMG_4746 IMG_4748 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_4750 IMG_4755 IMG_4759 IMG_4760 IMG_4763 IMG_4764

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