Transfer to East Reseda

3 Aug

The Pictures did come through :), Awesome

OH man the YSA conferences are so fun, I hope they had a great time. On of my companions just got a wedding invitation from one of the girls back home, and i was thinking how cool it would be if one of my sisters sent me one of those, i also am curious how everything is going with David and Camden’s baby. The Weather here hasn’t been to bad either, we had some rain just recently, a few drops. Also i am being transferred, my Trainer is leaving and becoming a Zone Leader, he didn’t even get to finish training us. But yeh, im being transferred to a new area, just opened, it is the Reseda east, so Elder Benjamin is on the West and I’m on the East, and we both will get new companions, i will be moving to an apartment we found near the church on my side, but as for baptisms all of the scheduled ones for next month are on the west, so i have a lot of work to do, i need find a lot and teach, i hope to have a couple baptisms next month, it will be for the same ward though which is awesome, it will be fun to see how the meals go now. I have spent a lot of time this week separating the Area book, Serving others (mostly with moving, including my new apartment) teaching recent converts and inactive, and finding new potentials by going through our former investigators (all on the West). I also had the opportunity to go on Exchange with the Zone Leader, Elder Garcia, it was such a neat experience, he taught us how to be so much more effective in our nightly planning. I also got to got to an all Korean Baptism, it was so spiritual, and strange because i couldn’t understand anything, and i had to wear a head set to listen to the translator, a little gimps of what it will be like to be foreign. Then on Sunday i got to see another baptism in the Zone Leaders area, they found the girl that got baptized by visiting an uninterested inactive member and he mentioned a girl he knew that might be interested and this girl actually called as they were leaving so he invited her over and called the missionaries back in and they taught her a lesson and invited her to baptism and she said yes. I might be able to go to the temple this Saturday with a couple of our new members and investigators, that will be awesome. Also we found a scale and i found out my weight for the first time since leaving the MTC, i have gained 25 pounds, putting me over the 200 mark, though i do believe i might have put on a little weight the majority is in my legs, they are pretty solid now that I’m on bike. I also have noticed so much more from my studies throughout the week, new things that I’ve just learned or never noticed, so many little miracles, The main two would have to be how simple what we teach really is, its true and makes complete sense, the second is in 2 Nephi in chapters 31 and 32, making reference of speaking with the tongues of angels after being baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost, then in 32 he explains how the angels speak by the power of the Spirit and the testify of truth, of the words of Christ, and so when we speak about Christ and his gospel we are speaking by the tongues of angels. I also have a new appreciation for 2 Nephi 33.
I love and miss you all
Also if you do send letters i want to make sure i sent to right mailing address.:
23504 Lyons Ave. suit 107
Santa Clarita, CA 91321

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