26 Aug

To start I have to say I  will never be cool again, I am in the cooler area of my mission in the cooler months and I am still dying of heat, but it is amazing here. to describe the area I am working on the outskirts of Uberaba and the houses are all the same, unseeable, every house has a large brick fence in the very front so all the roads are just on long brick wall, to know we either clap or tap the metal portals, we also have hundreds of dogs everywhere, it’s like cats back home but more. the people here also love to fly kites, ant any given time there are a few in the air,I love how much more clear the skies are also, at night when we walk home we go into this low area where none of the street lights reach and there we can see all the stars,I could see the milky way the other day.I walk a lot and am really putting these ecos to the test, we walk an hour just to get to our area and an hour back every day, I was good for the first few days but one day my feet hurt pretty bad then ever since that day they have been good. for food we have lunch with members, always beans rice meat and juice, there is this one drink called guatana, very good. we don’t have much in way of breakfast or dinner, some juice and bread. I live with my companion and the district leader and his companion who was my MTC companion, Elder Parkingson, very interesting, I can understand much more of the language now but still have very far to go, we have a goal for me to be fluent in 1 month, half way there, and my comp will get me nutella, its interesting because you can’t buy any jelly or penut butter here, the milk is never refrigerated and things cost about the same as they do in America. the people here are amazing, never rude and we talk to so many new people every day, the biggest problem is its expensive to get married so a lot of people just live with their boyfriend or girlfriend and a married couple without being married or we will find places with just a woman which we can’t teach, we have a hard time finding men or married couples. the way we work here is very different than the way we did in California, we knock the majority of the time, teach differently, have different rules, but it is all for the purpose of helping the people who live here, we have a few people preparing for baptism, and we have found that I can really connect with people by using a little English with them because they want to learn, I can teach half the first lesson and have many times and am learning so much every day. The ward is awesome, we have a very small building and it can barely fit the members on Sunday, the bishop already had me speak and it was very difficult, the bishop even helped me with a couple of words during it, I didn’t write anything down but studied and tried to follow the spirit and fortunately they could understand me, I also got to help confirm a new member to the ward. I will try to sends photos if I can in time but if not I will another day. I miss and love you all so much thank you for your prayers and support.

Love Elder Inman

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One Response to “Uberaba”

  1. Grandma September 8, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

    It sounds like you’re doing well, adapting to the weather and learning the language. I have to tell you a funny story a friend of mine told me. She served a mission in France. She and her companion were out knocking on doors and this man invited them in. She said she was just sure that she’d been blessed with the gift of tongues because suddenly she seemed to be talking to him. Soon she was transferred but met him at a Stake Conference about a year down the road and he was there. She went up to him and talked to him and asked what caused him to investigate the Church. He said he figured that if a young American woman could knock on his door and try to communicate with him in a language that she absolutely didn’t know (he couldn’t understand a word she said) that he’d have to learn more about the religion. There went her theory of having the gift of tongues!! LOL It’s great that the people are so friendly there. You’ll do well there. You are always in my prayers and thoughts! I love you so much!! G-ma

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