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they don’t refrigerate milk

30 Sep

Man I miss Enoch, it’s weird how time flies, I’m not sure how we will watch general conference, probably in the church. My companion and I were talking about amusement parks the other day and I am very jealous. It’s funny because I’m worried about our investigators experience with church not because of church but because the car rides feel like a roller coaster that is about to fall apart. I’m sure when I speak in church people feel the same way as with Enoch, not understand anything haha. There are a lot of differences here, we see bats and owls constantly and every other type of bird ( the other day a parrot on  wall mocking some people who were laughing) frogs the size of a plate, I saw a butterfly that’s was quite a bit larger than my hands side by side, and other crazy cool stuff. the food is always beans and rice, if you want to clean anything here you pour a bucket of water on it, the language has lots of similarities and many differences. and lots of other differences with cloths stores and houses, they also don’t refrigerate milk here. I love it here and today is transfers so I am not sure if I will still be here next week, but I hope so, this week we found 13 new investigators and taught over 20 lessons, we are getting better every day and I can speak much more and understand how to conjugate while speaking. I wrote a list of all the stuff I noticed that is different but I did not bring it, so next time I will have more. Also The people here believe that we have never been the moon and that the first moon landing was false, and many other things, they don’t exactly trust America here, haha. but its a lot of fun.

Miss and love you all

Love Elder Inman


First Toucan sighting

22 Sep

Exercise sounds like a very good idea, I am still pretty heavy myself even though I walk many hours every day and don’t have much of a breakfast or lunch. only a piece of bread and juice sometimes. I was introduced to chicken feet this week, I did not have the courage to eat one, though Elder Parkinson ate it like fish sticks. also had my first hot pepper here, I was sweating pretty bad after that one. I am a citizen, the reason I didn’t write last week was because I was in Goiania doing my paper and having my fingerprints taken. the goods thing was after I was picked up from the buss station (16 hours on the buss) we found a Wal-Mart walking home and it is much cheaper there, I spent about 7 dollars there for food for this week, though they still do not have peanut butter, I do have the other shoe and probably should have the other half since I walk a lot, it would be good to have to pairs. I saw a toucan the other day, it flew within a couple feet of us, very cool elder Souza said it was the first he had soon outside a zoo, I also see tons of parrots everywhere. a fun thing about the culture is everyone here has a mark on their shoulder, I thought it was just a lot of people had it and it was some thing to do with birth but everyone has it, a very painful shot they have to get. Also everyone is a master at soccer here and I am not allowed to play. Its hard to remember all the fun stuff that happens though many things daily I should bring my journal to write my emails, I did baptize a woman Saturday and I did it in one try with the prayer in Portuguese and her name which was a mile long. I am finally seeing all of the mango trees, many. and I am jealous of the fall, though I am in one of the cooler places here, so I can’t complain too much, yet. we find and teach so many new and neat people here each day, we knock or clap, they invite us in, give us water, we teach then invite them to church and if the go to church we continue to teach them, or if they are really cool we return again that same week for a second lesson, lunch is always huge and we have to much popo,i need to stop drinking my teeth are suffering for it, I am very dark now, and during one of our contacts this girls asked why I sound different, she didn’t ask if I was foreign right away, that was almost a first, love and miss you all and will write again in a week with more.

 (Pics thanks to Elder Martin via Eve)

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15 Sep
For every letter Harrison's comp gets from his sister, his comp buys him pizza nad juice...

For every letter Harrison’s comp gets from his sister, his comp buys him pizza and juice…

(Sept 2nd)

Yeh, I didn’t get anything last week, sorry, and also I wrote grandma by replying sorry, I’m not in to big of a need right now, it is super expensive to send anything by mail and am not sure if I need anything so important that it is worth the money. and yes you do send it to the mission office and I have no idea how long it takes to get here, you did get the other package also right, that one was more important with my suit and mission cloths.

now for my letter


This has been another eventful week, we had the president meet with our district and he met with each of us personally, he also doesn’t speak English but I understand enough now that I don’t really need English, he gave me a blessing and it was very personal and powerful and he also answered all my questions that confused me on how we do things here, we taught memorized lessons and I asked if we could teach something else if we felt the spirit tell us to and he said that all of that was before, now we are a preach my gospel mission and will teach by the spirit only and follow the guidelines of preach my gospel, he is such an amazing person and I really feel the spirit and joy around him. since the we have had a real weekly planning where we did all the steps in the preach my gospel and actually planned for the whole week, since then I have also had the opportunity to teach unscripted lessons, and even though I am not fluent I can teach with the spirit and have really enjoyed these lessons more, we also study the book of Mormon with our investigators and explain it and how it applies and this is awesome. I have had a few interesting experience also three in one day, first after church we were outside talking with some people when a group of people including the bishop rushed a girl outside, she wasn’t moving and I wasn’t quite sure what was wrong but the spent some time trying to wake he up and eventually put her in her mom’s car and rushed her to the hospital, we left soon after this to go to lunch and I found out she had only fainted and also that we were going to her house for lunch, so we were eating with her dad and sisters until she and her mom returned home, it was an interesting circumstance but the were and awesome family and I really enjoyed eating with them. next event was as we were walking past a bar a lady called for us to come over she was drunk but we assumed we could at least get a reference from her, she then preceded to insist that I do something, and my companion was just saying not now tomorrow, then she grabbed my arm and pulled me over to a group of people in front of the bar and a few people commenced to try to explain to me what I was to do, I knew what they were saying but I said I don’t speak Portuguese and need to get back over to my companion to help me, I eventually got away but it was funny because they were trying to get me to `’hook up” with on of the pretty girls at the bar. it was very interesting.

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and then right after this we were teaching a lesson when the mom walks out of the room and starts to call us weak and her son pulled her into the bathroom and shut the door and she started shaking the door to get out, we asked if she drank or did drugs and he said no but every Sunday she did this and when their dad puts a bible on her face she revives and doesn’t remember it, possession.


I love my mission and we get to teach so many amazing people.

Love and miss you all

Elder Inman