they don’t refrigerate milk

30 Sep

Man I miss Enoch, it’s weird how time flies, I’m not sure how we will watch general conference, probably in the church. My companion and I were talking about amusement parks the other day and I am very jealous. It’s funny because I’m worried about our investigators experience with church not because of church but because the car rides feel like a roller coaster that is about to fall apart. I’m sure when I speak in church people feel the same way as with Enoch, not understand anything haha. There are a lot of differences here, we see bats and owls constantly and every other type of bird ( the other day a parrot on  wall mocking some people who were laughing) frogs the size of a plate, I saw a butterfly that’s was quite a bit larger than my hands side by side, and other crazy cool stuff. the food is always beans and rice, if you want to clean anything here you pour a bucket of water on it, the language has lots of similarities and many differences. and lots of other differences with cloths stores and houses, they also don’t refrigerate milk here. I love it here and today is transfers so I am not sure if I will still be here next week, but I hope so, this week we found 13 new investigators and taught over 20 lessons, we are getting better every day and I can speak much more and understand how to conjugate while speaking. I wrote a list of all the stuff I noticed that is different but I did not bring it, so next time I will have more. Also The people here believe that we have never been the moon and that the first moon landing was false, and many other things, they don’t exactly trust America here, haha. but its a lot of fun.

Miss and love you all

Love Elder Inman


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