in Zone Rio Verde

3 Oct

DSC00852A lot and little has happened, both because of transfers, we got the call for transfers but they never spoke to me only Elder Souza, and we were certain that is wasn’t going to have a transfer, but they told him to tell me I was transferred so I packed and left, this time without my water bottle. little happened this week because two days were used for traveling time, in Goiania I went knocking with one of the elders the and I was told I was very good with the language, I was never sure because Elder Souza never gave a straight answer, then I found out my new area in Zone Rio Verde ( green river) this greatest zone in the mission. and my new companion, Elder Santos, who is from the south of Brazil so he speaks very different so it took a couple days to adjust to understand him, but we are both new to our area and have absolutely no investigators to start so we’ve been doing a lot of finding. I have also since then been told I have a cool accent, in comparison to other Americans who are just hard to understand and I can say almost as much as missionaries who have 3-6 months here, though they understand more, my new companion has really been pushing me, I have grown a lot with him, he is also district leader, and we have a pretty awesome district, with lots of miracles, the experiences continue to occur here and have a lot of stories for after my mission but the greatest are the ones where we teach and the people feel immediately that this things are true. I also have grow to appreciate using the scriptures in our lessons more. also one day we ran home because after a baptism we were very close to curfew due to the font not being full and not having dry baptism cloths. but all in all this area is pretty awesome and I know we will have so much success here. I do have flip flops, a purchase of the first week haha. speaking of purchases the first week I bought a bit of food and the Brazilians made fun of me so I only buy bread and juice now haha, I have saved up in two months 350 reis, I use about 10 dollars a week, I am sad that I am missing out on all the excitement there, so cool all the stuff you do, also I am very excited for general conference also.

Miss and love you all

Elder Inman DSC00853


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