General Conference Weekend

13 Oct

I’m glad you got my letter I was very worried about how much time it would take to get there, it was a week faster than I thought it would be, I try to write three a week now, it is pretty fun, though as of now I have received only the letters of the stake president and one from elder Knotts, I am sure the shoe will arrive the next time the mission home delivers the letters, I think a month or two weeks not sure. I also loved general conference, I did not get to see Saturdays sessions, but I saw priesthood session in English with 3 other elders, and I absolutely loved it, but I decided for Sunday I would show my faith and watch those sessions in Portuguese and I understood almost all of it, it was very inspirational, we had 5 investigators watch it with us, I am so grateful for the prophets. I like the story with the child trying to push the rock and the dad said to use all her force, she said she was but he said she wasn’t because she didn’t ask for his help, then together they moved the stone with ease. It is soo cool that Grandma and Grandpa are there with you, I hope you guys are having a great time and remember to always have an atmosphere that invites the spirit. I miss the feast and all of you.

Com amor, Elder Inamn


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