huge rain storm

20 Oct

Well I wrote Aram a couple weeks ago so it should get to him about now, also worry not because it is suggested to send one shoe at a time, if you send both together someone will probably steal them. I am glad to hear about your new calling you will be a great attribute to the relief society, you seem to always know what people need. the pics came through and Camden is huge, very cool, and also it is great to see everyone, Danni and Enoch have grown but g-ma and g-pa are the same. also we do have all those item in our apartment but they all are tiny in comparison to the ones in America, including the washer. I always said the lawn mower had problems, but I think if you clean the spark plug it will run. This week was very interesting we had a huge rain storm, the roads were rivers and we had hail, we set 5 dates for baptism but only one was at church and he doesn’t have a date, granted they all had their reasons but we had to move two back a week. I also spoke with 88 new people this week and received 42 referrals, with my companion 80 in all, and we had two member present lessons with 16 other lessons, the member presents were pretty awesome, our investigator was do pedicure when we stopped by and the lady was an inactive member with three unbaptized children and she wants to go to the temple, pretty cool, and she was a great element in helping us teach. I love testimony meetings especially after conference and we had the privilege to have two because one of our investigators works in the afternoon and needed to go to the morning service. We also talked to a couple of Jehovah’s witnesses in the street one day, it was very interesting they believe that Jehovah is God and Miguel is Jesus Cristo, and they left us with a commitment to visit the church, interesting, I’m not used to receiving commitments, only giving. Also I lied I did not find a card reader for my camera, it doesn’t exist. But here are some pictures.parrot group

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  1. Angel (G-ma) at 1:50 am #

    I feel so bad that I couldn’t figure out how to get back to your blog. I called your Mom this evening. She said she thought she’d sent me this information previously. Yes,she did, but I lost it. I’m blushing! You can see that I haven’t changed. I’m forgetful as ever. So I just caught up on the emails you’ve sent.

    I also loved Conference! The talks were so inspirational. Elder Holland gave an incredible talk on Saturday that I had tears falling through the entire talk. I’m so proud of all you’re accomplishing! And I’m amazed at how you’ve done with the language. I loved the pictures you’ve posted. As you describe the birds and butterflies I can picture them in my mind. What an incredible experience you’re having! What a wonderful gift you are to the people you’re serving!

    I don’t have much going on in my life other than working. I’m so blessed to have a job doing what I love. Most days I ride 2 or 3 horses. One of my favorites to ride is the mare you rode when you were here.

    I don’t have much else to add. I will do better in the future, I promise.

    Lots and Lots of Love! G-ma

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