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getting warmer….

24 Nov

I am very impressed by the costumes, (referring to a Halloween Picture of the kids)  but what happened to Danni, kidding, but really I think Enoch looks like I did when I was Van Gogh in Kansas. It’s kind of funny how we don’t have Thanksgiving here so Christmas doesn’t feel quite so rushed, it’s weird that it is so close, and that it is only hotter, but a few stores here have some Christmas decorations so I won’t forget it completely. Thank you so much, I have not yet asked for a gospel art book. It’s also weird that just about everything will be different when I get back, We have a new member of the family, you won’t be working, the twins are in college and one or two or three of my sisters will be on missions, but luckily Danni and Enoch hopefully won’t be too different. Mas as you all know there is nothing better than a mission, I love it so much out here, I was thinking about how much more time I would want extra if I were so lucky and 6 months doesn’t even sound long enough. I learn new truths every day and get to see so many people change so fast, one of our recent converts is so strong, he talks more in the classes than the longtime members, his mom spoke with us privately about how much he has changed doing things he had never done before, being so much nicer to his sisters and the whole bit, we hope to encourage him to serve a mission, and he received the priesthood and we hope to baptize his family. I pray for you all every day, keep up the good work. I will send more pictures eventually but for now,

Adue, Elder Inman


6 months out

17 Nov




harrison gift pack(Harrison & his care package)

Well November 8th was 6 months on my mission, wow, I am also no longer a trainee, I am a junior, I am in the same area luckily with the same companion. I also have begun to use my third toothbrush (The Boyces will understand the significance of this). and to celebrate I had some of the ice-cream here while waiting to switch companions for an interview. But even greater than this we had a mission tour, every missionary in the mission met together to here Elder Costa speak, he is very very inspirational, and I learned a lot, there is never a situation when a person can reject the missionary only the invitation. He spoke about the effect a sister missionary had on his life, his family was baptized when he was away and when he returned he wasn’t interested in learning about the church despite his family being very strong in the church, but the sister missionaries were very smart and while they were at his house for dinner they knew he was in his bedroom and purposely opened his door just a crack and played a restoration video for his family, he overheard some of it and latter that night when he was walking to hang out with his friends he couldn’t stop thinking about Joseph Smith and how simple the invitation was to just pray to get an answer, he decided to turn around and return home and asked his mom for the book of Mormon to read JSH each verse separately and pray separately for the truth of each verse, after 14 hours he had an experience where he didn’t believe that Joseph was a prophet but he had a perfect knowledge that he is a prophet, very powerful. but he and his wife taught a lot of very cool very good stuff. The wife acted as our moms while talking, it was very cool. We also had a baptism, it was the son of a member who was inactive, we are trying to get him married so his wife can get baptized too. The mission is such an amazing experience and I am very happy, it is such a great way to learn and grow and help others.

I pray for you all every day, keep on keeping on

Com Grande Amor Elder Inman

(Nov 4)

Nossa (wow), Um milagre, Para Bens. Eu sou um Chio (Uncle)!!! that baby is beautiful, I am so jealous I want to hold him too haha, you can send him in the package. I really enjoy children, I always carry Bala (candy) during church to give to the children who are noisy during sacrament so that the parents can have a break for a little while, one family has 8 children and they are all younger than 15, I’m not sure how you guys managed when we were young but it sure is awesome. As for the gospel art book I can ask the branch president to order one inexpensively, so good to go there haha, as for missionary package, my old camera haha, I can’t find any card readers for this one haha, an inexpensive flash drive would be nice also haha, but really the types of things and food that you sent in the first package were perfect, and letters, brazil doesn’t have the majority of what you sent, and it is very good. haha I will try to write a little more legibly next time. but as for this week, it was great with a great baptism and after the confirmation he bore his testimony without us prompting him to, it was great, also we had great participation at church again this week and only expect it to grow even more. I love finding families here and teaching them, they seem to gain a greater happiness as we teach them and they keep the commitment we leave with them. I learn so much every day and have great expectations, today is transfers so I am not sure if I will stay here or not but I sure hope so, but I will let you all know.


Know that I love you all so much and pray for you every day, god has great things in plan for all of you.


Com amor Elder Inman

DSC00894 DSC00897

 (Oct 28th)

I’m not sure but I think I had falafel one time here, I will have to check, but if so  I’m sure yours is better, but it was pretty good. We do not celebrate Halloween here but that is ok for two reasons, one I have candy corn, thanks to you guys, and that is my favorite candy, and two because it only means less time that we could work, in California the missionaries have to go home early on Halloween. I can try to find out, but if not it’s not a huge deal, I think I can actually print them out if I can’t order a book inexpensively. I pray for you guys and your work every day, but I also know that we are blessed more when we don’t have much, one day soon you will have a lot and it will be harder to stay firm in all your convictions. this week we pretty awesome, we always have our ups and downs but we never have an experience negative. we taught a lot of lessons with members this week, those are powerful, and we also taught a lot of less active members, one was crying because she felt like people didn’t care that she fell away, but with our lesson she went to church and when I asked how she was doing she said much better now, that was very cool, and we had a bunch of other less active member go to church to, we had a surprising 76 at church in contrast to the usual 50, our goal for next week is 85, and we had 7 investigators at church, we are very happy and every day we get better and better. we had one family who wasn’t at church and before church wasn’t home, we called then during church and they said they had friends over and would come when they left, which usually means they weren’t going to make it, but my companion and I went into a room and we both prayed fervently that they would come to church, and a short time after they arrived, it was a great testimony builder, and their daughter participated in the primary program, it was awesome. ( the primary songs in Portuguese are still awesome). Also the ice-cream here is very good, and inexpensive when at a ice-cream parlor, I got a big bowl of various flavors and a lot of toppings for only 1.5 dollars. we have so many great experiences every day and so much joy, it seems when we work the hardest we have more capacity for joy. I love and pray for you all and am waiting for that baby, on Saturday I told my companion I thought they baby was born, but I was not inspired enough to know Camden was like my mom, just to patient to have it before the due date.

Sempre Elder Inman