getting warmer….

24 Nov

I am very impressed by the costumes, (referring to a Halloween Picture of the kids)  but what happened to Danni, kidding, but really I think Enoch looks like I did when I was Van Gogh in Kansas. It’s kind of funny how we don’t have Thanksgiving here so Christmas doesn’t feel quite so rushed, it’s weird that it is so close, and that it is only hotter, but a few stores here have some Christmas decorations so I won’t forget it completely. Thank you so much, I have not yet asked for a gospel art book. It’s also weird that just about everything will be different when I get back, We have a new member of the family, you won’t be working, the twins are in college and one or two or three of my sisters will be on missions, but luckily Danni and Enoch hopefully won’t be too different. Mas as you all know there is nothing better than a mission, I love it so much out here, I was thinking about how much more time I would want extra if I were so lucky and 6 months doesn’t even sound long enough. I learn new truths every day and get to see so many people change so fast, one of our recent converts is so strong, he talks more in the classes than the longtime members, his mom spoke with us privately about how much he has changed doing things he had never done before, being so much nicer to his sisters and the whole bit, we hope to encourage him to serve a mission, and he received the priesthood and we hope to baptize his family. I pray for you all every day, keep up the good work. I will send more pictures eventually but for now,

Adue, Elder Inman


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