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Merry Christmas

29 Dec

Well I was a little wrong on the time, we are planning on starting at 4 o’clock, he wants to go first so I would be starting at 4:40 or with life involved 5:00. But I am very excited I can’t wait to see if I will be able to speak in just English, it’s a little weird. But to start I had quite a week, we began with the Christmas devotional which means a lot of traveling, and all the adventures that come with it. The conference was pretty awesome, all the Missionaries were there which means I got to see Elder Souza (Martins) his name was switched again, and he gave me a gift which I feel bad because I prepared nothing for him, but he game me two ties that are very beautiful, and some great cookies from Switzerland and a Santa Clause, we were given a lot of time to just talk with all the missionaries there and write letters if we desired, I also found out that two more sisters from my mtc district arrived, we only have thee more who are stuck in the great USA, but it’s very funny to see how little they understand, and to realized it is much more than when I arrived, and now two of my mtc district are in my district here. The conference was great with a huge meal, ice-cream, a talent show with some pretty awesome stuff, like a man playing the piano very well upside down, and a magic show and various other cool stuff, than we had our transfers, which came with a surprise, I was transferred, I moved desks, we will stay in the same are but we are no longer banderantes 1, but banderantes 2, the other elders in our house were given the position of district leader and elder Santos was liberated, he enjoyed the freedom for two days and then found out  he was to be district leader of a new district in our zone, with 4 sisters, he’s a little sad to lose the freedom of being only a senior. We had the baptism of Another Woman this week and it was very cool, one of the members said she told her story of conversion and how her life changed in relief society and made everyone cry. And our other recent convert told us about how the newly giving gift of the holy ghost had helped her during the week, experiences very special and that helped strengthen my testimony. It’s amazing to see how the gospel really changes lives and helps people so much. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission, after the baptism Saturday I asked how she felt and she said it was like a huge dream. I can’t believe how much rain you guys have gotten, it rains a lot here, but come on that’s ridiculous. Also I can’t wait to see the houses, I am sorry to say that I also will not be able to send photos this week, and I will get the box one day, but the likely hood of it coming before Christmas is very little, but all is well. I also wish I could watch your play, you are so good at acting, and I know it must have been amazing, Ihope you have photos or videos of it. Also I hope you all enjoy the Christmas season, it will be a great year, I am very excited, I love you all so much.

Your Happy Elder Inman


She wants to learn.

23 Dec

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA funny story, this bat was chasing elder Santos around the house


Well this past week was great, I did my first confirmation in Portuguese, it was great, only messed up a few times. This week will be amazing, I will travel to Goiania for a Christmas program for us missionaries and at the end of the week we will have the baptism of a wonderful woman we are teaching here. I am very excited for this baptism, she is very similar to the woman we baptized last week in the manner that she really studies the Book of Mormon and wants to learn more, it’s amazing to see how much the gospel helps the lives of these people, she told us that after she met us everything just seemed to change, she still have trials but it’s different now. But she really studies better than any investigator have seen yet, it is very cool. Elder Santos and I are still companions, the time I have with him is equal the all of my other 4 companions together, we are having a great time working, finding teaching, and baptizing. I hope you all are having a great Christmas season. I love to see the snow and watch you sled, good times. And I will pray for you guys até pó, I hope the transition with works out well, I will pray for you all and for your sick, man we sure don’t have time in this life to be sick. But enjoy the season, I will do my best to get all the information with skype but I imaging we will skype more or less 11:00in the morning here. I love you all so much.

Love Elder Inman


Have joy!

16 Dec

Well that family is doing great, yesterday was the baptism of their daughter, she is 30 years old and has a great heart, she want to stay strong in the church and was worried one day that she wouldn’t stay strong after baptism, but the felt a peace after praying and the day of, during District conference she was crying the whole time because she was so excited to be baptized, it was a very spiritual baptism, her parents want to be baptized as well they just need to get married first. We also were speaking with a less active member and for a large part of the lesson we spoke in English, he traveled a lot before and understood well, he also asked that I write about him. Our President also gave a pretty cool promise during conference, he said that he promises that anything you use for the purpose of missionary work, you will not have a lack of. i.e. if you’re afraid you don’t have the gas to pick up an investigator, just go, you will not run out. in fact he said you will have gained in whatever area it is you are losing. I finally got David’s letter from before the baby was born, and now I’m getting the email saying he was blessed, that’s something I’m sad to have missed, but I’m sure it was an amazing blessing, I would like a lot of snow also, but hey I’m a missionary, what could be greater. I love you all and feel you all will be blessed greatly, have a great and joyful Christmas, it´s against the will of God that any of you are ever sad, ´´men are that they might have joy´´. I love you all enjoy the season.


There are 2 types of people…

9 Dec

I love the pictures, ironically we have found quite a few women here who had their babies about the same time as Camden, and I get to think of Willy when I visit them, I’m glad to hear of the holidays and how they are passing, it sure is interesting how time flies by faster each week, but worry not, we had ice cream the other day so I am well taken care of. I will pray for all of you and hope for a great Christmas holiday, I am not sure the details to talk with you all this month but I believe we will be skyping. This week was great, we are teaching a family who are very generous, they feed us often and want to make some cloths for us, we played a video for them, joy to the world, they really have great desire to change and follow Christ, I’ve noticed two types of people, those who want to be better than they were yesterday and they are baptized and those who don’t want to change and they just go to church because of pride, this life really is the time to be better every day, it’s a commandment to be perfect even as Jesus and Heavenly Father are perfect. I am excited for the work during the Christmas season.

I love you all so much, Elder Inman

(no) Thanksgiving

1 Dec

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanksgiving, another holiday that doesn’t exist here, but that’s ok, the meals that some of the members prepare for us are huge and they expect us to eat it all which is clearly impossible. we had one elder with us at one meal and he would yell to the member in the other room, THIS IS GREAT CAN I HAVE A SECOND, and he would grab a little food, and yell three more time to get more food, and get a small amount, it was very funny, the member was very impressed by how much he enjoyed the meal. I gave a talk in church this week, it was much better than the first, I related the story of my first talk and how I messed up on a simple word over and over and I ended the story by saying that I hoped it didn’t do that in this talk, but accidently I tried to use a word that I could not say, but it worked great because everyone thought I did it on purpose, very funny. But the talk was great, it felt good, I read section 18 of D&C and found a new truth, it says the worth of souls are great and when we help only one return to God we will have a huge joy, but it says this joy will be with them, really when we help someone into the church we are establishing our friends in the Celestial kingdom, if we baptize someone and they don’t stay firm in the church we won’t receive that joy. Also feeling the spirit is more powerful than anything we can see or hear, if we see an angel without the holy ghost testifying of it it will be just like any other experience in our lives and we will begin to forget it, but with the spirit we never will forget it. We had a great family come with us to church this week and it was very cool because the father said during one of the classes that he did what the missionaries said and prayed and he received an answer that this was the right path for him, they have been searching for the right church for many years, now we just need to help them stay strong. I love this work, and hope you all enjoy your time together there, have a great Thanksgiving.

Love Elder Inman