(no) Thanksgiving

1 Dec

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThanksgiving, another holiday that doesn’t exist here, but that’s ok, the meals that some of the members prepare for us are huge and they expect us to eat it all which is clearly impossible. we had one elder with us at one meal and he would yell to the member in the other room, THIS IS GREAT CAN I HAVE A SECOND, and he would grab a little food, and yell three more time to get more food, and get a small amount, it was very funny, the member was very impressed by how much he enjoyed the meal. I gave a talk in church this week, it was much better than the first, I related the story of my first talk and how I messed up on a simple word over and over and I ended the story by saying that I hoped it didn’t do that in this talk, but accidently I tried to use a word that I could not say, but it worked great because everyone thought I did it on purpose, very funny. But the talk was great, it felt good, I read section 18 of D&C and found a new truth, it says the worth of souls are great and when we help only one return to God we will have a huge joy, but it says this joy will be with them, really when we help someone into the church we are establishing our friends in the Celestial kingdom, if we baptize someone and they don’t stay firm in the church we won’t receive that joy. Also feeling the spirit is more powerful than anything we can see or hear, if we see an angel without the holy ghost testifying of it it will be just like any other experience in our lives and we will begin to forget it, but with the spirit we never will forget it. We had a great family come with us to church this week and it was very cool because the father said during one of the classes that he did what the missionaries said and prayed and he received an answer that this was the right path for him, they have been searching for the right church for many years, now we just need to help them stay strong. I love this work, and hope you all enjoy your time together there, have a great Thanksgiving.

Love Elder Inman


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