There are 2 types of people…

9 Dec

I love the pictures, ironically we have found quite a few women here who had their babies about the same time as Camden, and I get to think of Willy when I visit them, I’m glad to hear of the holidays and how they are passing, it sure is interesting how time flies by faster each week, but worry not, we had ice cream the other day so I am well taken care of. I will pray for all of you and hope for a great Christmas holiday, I am not sure the details to talk with you all this month but I believe we will be skyping. This week was great, we are teaching a family who are very generous, they feed us often and want to make some cloths for us, we played a video for them, joy to the world, they really have great desire to change and follow Christ, I’ve noticed two types of people, those who want to be better than they were yesterday and they are baptized and those who don’t want to change and they just go to church because of pride, this life really is the time to be better every day, it’s a commandment to be perfect even as Jesus and Heavenly Father are perfect. I am excited for the work during the Christmas season.

I love you all so much, Elder Inman


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