Have joy!

16 Dec

Well that family is doing great, yesterday was the baptism of their daughter, she is 30 years old and has a great heart, she want to stay strong in the church and was worried one day that she wouldn’t stay strong after baptism, but the felt a peace after praying and the day of, during District conference she was crying the whole time because she was so excited to be baptized, it was a very spiritual baptism, her parents want to be baptized as well they just need to get married first. We also were speaking with a less active member and for a large part of the lesson we spoke in English, he traveled a lot before and understood well, he also asked that I write about him. Our President also gave a pretty cool promise during conference, he said that he promises that anything you use for the purpose of missionary work, you will not have a lack of. i.e. if you’re afraid you don’t have the gas to pick up an investigator, just go, you will not run out. in fact he said you will have gained in whatever area it is you are losing. I finally got David’s letter from before the baby was born, and now I’m getting the email saying he was blessed, that’s something I’m sad to have missed, but I’m sure it was an amazing blessing, I would like a lot of snow also, but hey I’m a missionary, what could be greater. I love you all and feel you all will be blessed greatly, have a great and joyful Christmas, it´s against the will of God that any of you are ever sad, ´´men are that they might have joy´´. I love you all enjoy the season.



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