Merry Christmas

29 Dec

Well I was a little wrong on the time, we are planning on starting at 4 o’clock, he wants to go first so I would be starting at 4:40 or with life involved 5:00. But I am very excited I can’t wait to see if I will be able to speak in just English, it’s a little weird. But to start I had quite a week, we began with the Christmas devotional which means a lot of traveling, and all the adventures that come with it. The conference was pretty awesome, all the Missionaries were there which means I got to see Elder Souza (Martins) his name was switched again, and he gave me a gift which I feel bad because I prepared nothing for him, but he game me two ties that are very beautiful, and some great cookies from Switzerland and a Santa Clause, we were given a lot of time to just talk with all the missionaries there and write letters if we desired, I also found out that two more sisters from my mtc district arrived, we only have thee more who are stuck in the great USA, but it’s very funny to see how little they understand, and to realized it is much more than when I arrived, and now two of my mtc district are in my district here. The conference was great with a huge meal, ice-cream, a talent show with some pretty awesome stuff, like a man playing the piano very well upside down, and a magic show and various other cool stuff, than we had our transfers, which came with a surprise, I was transferred, I moved desks, we will stay in the same are but we are no longer banderantes 1, but banderantes 2, the other elders in our house were given the position of district leader and elder Santos was liberated, he enjoyed the freedom for two days and then found out  he was to be district leader of a new district in our zone, with 4 sisters, he’s a little sad to lose the freedom of being only a senior. We had the baptism of Another Woman this week and it was very cool, one of the members said she told her story of conversion and how her life changed in relief society and made everyone cry. And our other recent convert told us about how the newly giving gift of the holy ghost had helped her during the week, experiences very special and that helped strengthen my testimony. It’s amazing to see how the gospel really changes lives and helps people so much. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission, after the baptism Saturday I asked how she felt and she said it was like a huge dream. I can’t believe how much rain you guys have gotten, it rains a lot here, but come on that’s ridiculous. Also I can’t wait to see the houses, I am sorry to say that I also will not be able to send photos this week, and I will get the box one day, but the likely hood of it coming before Christmas is very little, but all is well. I also wish I could watch your play, you are so good at acting, and I know it must have been amazing, Ihope you have photos or videos of it. Also I hope you all enjoy the Christmas season, it will be a great year, I am very excited, I love you all so much.

Your Happy Elder Inman


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