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one of our recent converts gave a talk on the Atonement

27 Jan

Well, I can buy a flash drive of 16GB here for 10 dollars, so not to worry there, but you don’t have to worry about sending a package out for my birthday I can’t imagine what I would need. It would be a great gift to see you guys use that money to do something together there to celebrate my birthday. I have not gotten the boxes yet so it will be like a birthday gift anyway, but it will be here soon. I believe it was good for me to have such helpful criticism, I am absolutely loving the mission and there isn’t anything that has happened to me here to take that away. But I hope dad has a great spiritual experience with those visits, it’s a great way to strengthen the testimony of the investigator, the missionary and the member. I love the Will pics it is weird that I have still not met him, and he’s growing up too fast. This Sunday was pretty cool, one of our recent converts gave a talk on the Atonement, and she did very well and it was extremely spiritual, and another recent convert paid tithing, and all of them are inviting everyone to the church, one is very excited to see her children serve missions in the future. It’s amazing to see the differences the gospel brings. I love you all very much and wish you the greatest of happiness.

Com Amor Elder Inman


…he also is a very good cook…

20 Jan

It’s pretty crazy how cold it has gotten there, how the river is looking. I had a great week, we had the baptism of a man who was very addicted to beer, and he feel into temptation various times while we were teaching him, but he had a sincere heart and with our help and help of the scriptures, and church and more important of Jesus Christ he overcame the temptation and was worthy to be baptized, he was very excited for that, it was amazing to see the miracles that have happened in his life, he wants to bring his whole family into the church by being an example for them, he also is a very good cook, I will have to work off a few pounds after this area. But I am loving the work and can’t think of a better way to spend my time right now. Thank you all for your prayers and I will continue to pray for all of you. Keep up the good family. And I appreciate the quotation, I am trying to figure out how I can show that kind of love for everyone here.

I love you all very much

Com Amor Elder Inman


neither of us were looking at her as she passed

13 Jan

I have not gotten a package yet but worry not these things do happen and it will arrive sooner or later, Elder Haskel is waiting for 4 packages from September. yesterday a lady said that the US was shut down because of snow, especially in New York but I didn’t think that it included Indiana, but I was wrong apparently, that sounds like a blast, I wish we could have something like that happen here, everyone would be home and have to listen to us. But I will say this Sunday was the most spiritual that we have experienced since arriving in this area, we were a little scared that we wouldn’t have more than one investigator at church because we used our Saturday to help the sister in our district find new investigators, but we arrived at church and saw the father of one of the families we taught standing outside the church and found out his wife was inside with the women, than another car arrived full of another family we thought during the week, everyone but the father who had a headache, in all five more with that family, then one of our recent converts brought her sister to church, and the Man we are prepareing for baptism arived, in all we had 9 investigators at church, the most I have yet brought to church in one day, it was a very good fast and testimony meeting also, The recent convert you saw on skype bore a very powerful testimony on the change in her life and the guidance of the spirit, then our investigator bore a testimony on how excited he is for baptism and how all his family and his neighbors will be there for it, and then another recent convert bore her testimony on the change in her life and the power of the Book of Mormon and the basically told our other investigators there to do the work of reading and praying. it was awesome. I feel like I can really leave this area better than I found it. Also the other elders in our area had an investigator who told them that she say my companion and I walking in the street and a very beautiful woman passed us but neither of us were looking at her as she passed, she said she received a lot of confidence in us because of this and if we had followed her with our eyes she would have lost that confidence. it’s cool that we are always an example and we don’t know who is watching. I am having a great time and hope you all enjoy this wonderful weather.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

Happy New Year

5 Jan

I hope, I didn’t say anything I would need to regret on skype, I have to wait 5 months to make up for it, really that’s not a lot of time to wait. But I am afraid I did not say any of my planed questions or  stories so I hope just being able to see one another was enough. But really you all look very good, and very happy. This week was cool in church we had another miracle happen with one of our investigators, and he will be baptized as an example for his family. I love the mission so much and I hope you all fell a great happiness as we start the New Year, I have a lot of goals to make, love you all, your Elder.