one of our recent converts gave a talk on the Atonement

27 Jan

Well, I can buy a flash drive of 16GB here for 10 dollars, so not to worry there, but you don’t have to worry about sending a package out for my birthday I can’t imagine what I would need. It would be a great gift to see you guys use that money to do something together there to celebrate my birthday. I have not gotten the boxes yet so it will be like a birthday gift anyway, but it will be here soon. I believe it was good for me to have such helpful criticism, I am absolutely loving the mission and there isn’t anything that has happened to me here to take that away. But I hope dad has a great spiritual experience with those visits, it’s a great way to strengthen the testimony of the investigator, the missionary and the member. I love the Will pics it is weird that I have still not met him, and he’s growing up too fast. This Sunday was pretty cool, one of our recent converts gave a talk on the Atonement, and she did very well and it was extremely spiritual, and another recent convert paid tithing, and all of them are inviting everyone to the church, one is very excited to see her children serve missions in the future. It’s amazing to see the differences the gospel brings. I love you all very much and wish you the greatest of happiness.

Com Amor Elder Inman


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