Transfers also occurred and I will be staying

3 Feb


Well the ward is strengthening, it has gone through some hard spells because of the building being moved pretty far away and not finding one here for them, they’re a little unexcited because of that but they are getting excited again and we are having a lot of success. I hope all works out while you prepare for the wedding and I hope the selling spree happens, I know the art is definitely worthy it, I saw his new one and it made me happy just looking at it. I also just remembered that during skype you said you found someone for me but all the others said no, who might that be, just curious because of the reactions. it is weird that you are grandparents now, you look so young. and also I think my recently baptized convert wants to buy us shoes so that might not be necessary, that Lord is looking out for me here. you have no idea how great the mission is and it is amazing how much we can learn and grow in such sort time. Also that 13 year old girl is already past Jacob in the book of Mormon. It’s pretty cool.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week, Com Amor Elder Inman


Well for the first time I reviewed my email to you because I happened to have the time today, and I realized that it is written very poorly and for that my others are also probably just as bad, sorry. But I am getting even worse with English. Transfers also occurred and I will be staying in the same area and with the same companion, which will be 6 months now, so I will get to see even more happen here and the development, I am very excited. Also we invited two people last week to baptism during the first lesson and they very eagerly accepted. Very Cool. And we also played ultimate Frisbee, that was pretty great to, the juniors won. But Once again, love you all.

Elder Inman


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