And its weird how time flies…

10 Feb

I am interested that you just got that letter, its been a very long time since I have sent it, but mail just seems to take a long time, I have not gotten the packages but I will know if they are here next week, when we have zone conference, if not I’m sure it will arrive the next time, but I had a dream last night or receiving them, it was pretty great. And its weird how time flies, I will have nine months on the mission this week, so I will subsequently have a picture of me pregnant, I believe that is the tradition here. The bonsai tree hobby is one I have thought of so that is pretty cool. And why are all the marsh’s closing, also I got the funny news that Justin Bieber is leaving the country forcibly. And a weird change here is our zone leader does not have a companion so he is living with us and just done splits with the different missionary sets in the zone each day. The mission is great, one of our recent converts brought a brother of a member who hasn’t been baptized into the church and I believe on day he will be baptized and maybe they will get married, that would be very cool. But I wish you all the very best and warm thoughts. Love you All, Com As Melhores intiments, Elder Inman

Ps. I don’t know if the light was working when I left 


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