I got the package from the ward!

17 Feb

It sounds like a paradise there, I miss the snow. But it is also a paradise here because I got the package from the ward, what a great blessing, I had popcorn and root beer that night, and luckily Brazilians aren’t all that fond of root beer so I don’t need to share that part, and the socks are super comfortable and I love everything in it, the 12 days of valentines since it is valentines this week. I also got David’s letter and it seems like I get caught up then I read an email and everything has changed, but that is pretty super exciting. I really hope you all are doing great, I know dad is very talented and that everything will work out right. I am also very happy here right now because we have the leader of the missionary work in the ward here and he is the only member in his family, but recently one of our recent converts dreamt of bringing his brother to the church and since then has done just that and he will be baptized this week by his brother, it’s pretty awesome. We also had interviews with the president and after the interview I asked how my language was, and in response he asked if I knew elder M (who is a leader of a district) I said yes, and he then said I spoke better than him, and to prepare to be a leader, so I believe I will no longer be junior after this transfer, but even better I can speak a second language. How exciting to have a dream come true.

I love you all very much. Keep Being Awesome

Com Amor, Elder Inman


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