…we want to help them get married …

10 Mar

Happy Birthday- What a wonderful day to celebrate- the birth of one of the greatest mothers (and now grandmothers) of all time. I am glad it went so well, it sounds like a good time. It’s funny that he sent another package before I received the last one he sent but I do believe it will be here next week when we have mission tour, it will be great. That family was not able to make it to church because of the birthday of his mom in another area but they will be baptized all the same, but my companion believes that he will be transferred and is sad that he would miss it if that were the case, but we had another family go to church which can be baptized at any moment, we just need to mark the day. Also one of our investigators brought a friend of hers to the church, pretty cool, and a family which was less active were in the church yesterday too, we want to help them get married and after will be the baptism of the wife. This work is so awesome, and I am very happy indeed. I believe you have covered just about everything in the description of me, but if you wanted  to add more you could say growing, mentally, physically, and spiritually, but my writing is just as bad or worse. I hope all goes well with Enoch, I know you guys can do it. I wish you the extra warmth that we have here, and the very best things.

Com Amor,

Elder Inman



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