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I love this work so much

20 Apr

I am absolutely loving my new companion, he teaches the way I have been wanting to teach for quite a while, with love, simply and with scriptures, questions, and testimony, much better than trying to convince people. This week we have focused on trying to find families legally married, we have found 14 just talking with them in the streets and have already taught a few of them, and they are awesome, this next week will be amazing, we will be working a lot with the members to help these families have friends and feel comfortable in the church, and one family would have been baptized this week but unfortunately had to go to the hospital during church because she is pregnant, for this they will be baptized next week, but it looks like I will be transferred because the assistants said so, so I will not be able to see the baptism, but if all goes well we will have two baptisms this week. I love this work so much and am so happy and I know that because I am on the mission God is taking care of you, even if it appears that you still have trials they would be much worse if I had stayed there. A promise from our mission president. Hope the flowers don’t die and you all have a great Easter.

Com Amor Elder Inman


Happy Birthday!

7 Apr

IMG_2204 IMG_2210 IMG_2216


Wow, how surprising, the hair that is (referring to Aurora’s red hair), oh and also Will being thrown through the air, where were the adults when that was happening, oh yeah, I am here, because I am 20, how weird. Well conference was amazing, and the rest of the semana also, many surprises, one was that one of our recent converts almost fell away, but with luck we ran into her on the street and spoke to her and she is continuing strong, another was that my companion was transferred in the middle of this transfer, we went O Goiania to switch companions, I got to speak with Elder Brooks on the assistants phone, he said I have an accent now, so watch out. And Elder Santos will stay there as district leader of the secretaries and now my companion is Elder Cunha, who baptizes a lot, the reason he was sent here, to help the district turn in to a stake. Also an American lives with me now, and he used his birthday package for me, it was very good, and a birthday gift was that I received my Christmas package this week, it was very good, and now I’m set for Christmas. We taught an awesome family that was at conference, basically we gave the Book of Mormon and the woman already knows everything about everyone in the book, and Conference was very special, I learned so many new things and felt closer to you all knowing that you were watching the same thing. I received some great gifts of food, like avocados, and some peanut mush which is very good, and a card, and a party-ish at a recent converts house, also a funny story was that we arrived at church Sunday morning and the doors were still locked but inside the church was a young man that fell asleep the night before there and was locked inside and no one remembered he was there until morning, he was pretty hungry and disheveled, but it was very funny. Well all is getting taken care of with my tooth so worry not :). And also Sister Kuseci Called to wish me happy birthday, it was very sweet. I love you all and loved the photos so much. Can’t wait till the next time.

Com Amor, Elder Inman


it is getting darker sooner now

7 Apr

(March 31st)

I will try that oil thing, I am finally felling a little pain from when my filling fell out. And I am very happy it went so well, I was praying a lot for it. And I have found that my greatest testimonies are the ones about my family, I want everyone to have a family like ours. How did he get that un released tech. (speaking of Bill’s Google hangout)? Chair soccer sounds like fun, I will have to try it one day. And I am very happy that the missionary field will be receiving such an outstanding missionary. Well this week our baptism didn’t happen because our investigator had a gun and he dint feel good about getting baptized while he had it so he left the city to get rid of it, and the hour of the baptism we found out he want even in Rio Verde, so we tried to baptize him Sunday but there we some difficulties while he was returning and he didn’t arrive in time. But on the up side I gave a blessing to the daughter of a member, and it was very powerful. And it is getting darker sooner now during the day so we have a res-bit from that heat. I sure do love the mission, and I am very excited to hear from the prophets in such a short time. I love you all and will keep prying for you, Love Elder Inman

(March 24th) 

Well I am very impressed, how did she manage that (speaking of Tawny getting 2nd in debate at BSU). I hope that you guys have a lot of success and fun doing the goggle hangout, it sound cool. Well this week I think you would be impressed to see me in the kitchen, I cooked pancakes, lemon bars, and biscuits, all from scratch with no recipes, just using my memory and a great hope, and they all turned out very good, and I introduced new food in this culture, and I was thinking that if you wanted you could send a couple good recipes, like lemon meringue pie, but most of them should be able to be finish in no more than an hour. Also you all would be impressed to know that as I was walking down a narrow pathway between houses, I was eating a very tasty apple and didn’t notice a metal window frame in front of me and I hit it, leaving a cut down my face, it was very cool, it was a little embarrassing to return to our investigators (he will be baptized this week) house to clean my wound. Interestingly it seems we have been having more success since that moment. Also we entered a fair to do a few contacts and we asked a woman how much a bag of, what would be the equivalent of cereal, she told us the price and then gave each of us one for free, there some great people out there. The mission is so amazing I have learned so much and each day we get to have to opportunity to just help people all day, it’s amazing. I hope you all have a great week and always look for ways to serve, the message of the first presidency is very good, and it talks on service, but I think you all have already read it.

Tenho muito amor para cada um de voces, Com Amor

Elder Inman

(March 17th)

More than 10 months is pretty crazy, I can’t imagine, but I am working my way there in this area, it will be 7 1/2 months after this transfer. Also the mission tour was very great, Elder Cruz is pretty awesome, on his mission he was the type that baptized daily, and he has a very strong testimony. Also I found out that two of my MTC district members arrived here in Brazil but because of being in the United States for so long they need to return to the MTC for 3 weeks, crazy. Well, I hope that it wasn’t too hard for you to take care of two children with such a dramatic experience, it must have been fun. Also, how did the move go for David and Camden? It would be a great blessing to have art in the temple, I will pray for Dad, I really hope that all goes well with all the work that you guys are putting into this and his art is definitely worth all of it, always remember that your mind is like a theater, you can only have one act on the stage at a time, or one thought at a time, make sure it is always positive, and it will all turn out right, better than you could even imagine. And it would be good to get them out as soon as possible on the mission so I don’t have to live for to long without seeing them. I left with a member yesterday to pick up one of our investigators to bring him to church, unfortunately he left for work, but fortunately the member knew some people that lived next door, a family, the husband is a less active member and the wife isn’t a member, it happened to be their 1 year anniversary so we passed their house latter that night with a member to share a message, the message was very powerful and she accepted baptism, and will go to church next week, the lord works in mysterious ways sometimes. We also had another part member family go to the church this week, and one of our investigator, the 13 year old is already in Alma 57 in personal study and is also reading the Book of Mormon for seminary and is in 2 Nephi 10. We have miracles every day and I know that this work is the Lord’s work. I love you all so much and will pray sincerely for you all, keep the faith and do all you can, and the lord will do the rest.

Com Grande Amor,

Elder Inman