Happy Birthday!

7 Apr

IMG_2204 IMG_2210 IMG_2216


Wow, how surprising, the hair that is (referring to Aurora’s red hair), oh and also Will being thrown through the air, where were the adults when that was happening, oh yeah, I am here, because I am 20, how weird. Well conference was amazing, and the rest of the semana also, many surprises, one was that one of our recent converts almost fell away, but with luck we ran into her on the street and spoke to her and she is continuing strong, another was that my companion was transferred in the middle of this transfer, we went O Goiania to switch companions, I got to speak with Elder Brooks on the assistants phone, he said I have an accent now, so watch out. And Elder Santos will stay there as district leader of the secretaries and now my companion is Elder Cunha, who baptizes a lot, the reason he was sent here, to help the district turn in to a stake. Also an American lives with me now, and he used his birthday package for me, it was very good, and a birthday gift was that I received my Christmas package this week, it was very good, and now I’m set for Christmas. We taught an awesome family that was at conference, basically we gave the Book of Mormon and the woman already knows everything about everyone in the book, and Conference was very special, I learned so many new things and felt closer to you all knowing that you were watching the same thing. I received some great gifts of food, like avocados, and some peanut mush which is very good, and a card, and a party-ish at a recent converts house, also a funny story was that we arrived at church Sunday morning and the doors were still locked but inside the church was a young man that fell asleep the night before there and was locked inside and no one remembered he was there until morning, he was pretty hungry and disheveled, but it was very funny. Well all is getting taken care of with my tooth so worry not :). And also Sister Kuseci Called to wish me happy birthday, it was very sweet. I love you all and loved the photos so much. Can’t wait till the next time.

Com Amor, Elder Inman



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