I love this work so much

20 Apr

I am absolutely loving my new companion, he teaches the way I have been wanting to teach for quite a while, with love, simply and with scriptures, questions, and testimony, much better than trying to convince people. This week we have focused on trying to find families legally married, we have found 14 just talking with them in the streets and have already taught a few of them, and they are awesome, this next week will be amazing, we will be working a lot with the members to help these families have friends and feel comfortable in the church, and one family would have been baptized this week but unfortunately had to go to the hospital during church because she is pregnant, for this they will be baptized next week, but it looks like I will be transferred because the assistants said so, so I will not be able to see the baptism, but if all goes well we will have two baptisms this week. I love this work so much and am so happy and I know that because I am on the mission God is taking care of you, even if it appears that you still have trials they would be much worse if I had stayed there. A promise from our mission president. Hope the flowers don’t die and you all have a great Easter.

Com Amor Elder Inman


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