Focusing our efforts to build a branch.

12 May

Wow, I can’t believe that, I write both of them each week with email (referring to the Shrack missionaries whose mom, Cindy, had passed away) , I wouldn’t even think of returning home, my president said if something bad happens while on the mission it would be a million times worse if you weren’t on the mission. I will pray for them. And I hope dad gets well, I want everyone well and cheery for skype this week. It’s crazy to think Eve will leave for her mission soon, I can’t wait to find out where she will go. I hope all goes well this week. Well recently President Souza spoke with my companion and I and asked that we focus our efforts in an area far from our house to baptize a lot there and form a branch there, I am very excited. And we have marked a few dates of baptism here already, two for this week. One was really funny, an older lady was insistent that she would stay in her church until we explained how to receive the gift of the holy ghost, she realized that she didn’t receive it and that her baptism wasn’t valid, then she began to talk about how her church had a lot of things wrong and that she knew ours is the only true church, and she had even felt a prompting to go to our church while walking to hers. It was funny to see the change in her attitude. but we are having a lot of miracles, and I know the lord will bless you all immensely, just do the basics.

And for skype we will plan for 6 o’clock, according to the time here.

10356412_10154105103885082_3531338679925603470_n(Our very happy missionary on Skype yesterday!)


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