It is cooling down some here. I am very happy

19 May


It’s funny that you have a picture of me on skype the other missionaries tried to do the same thing but they all forgot to save it, so now I’m the only one with a picture of skype haha. But I did enjoy skypeing a lot, I hope I didn’t make you all wait too long. The week was great, we found a lot of great people but a lot of the weren’t able to go to church because of mother’s day, but next week they will all be there for sure, and we did bring one guy to church who is pretty awesome, I believe he will be baptized, but today before email we were in another part of town, led by what appeared unluck, but we sat down waiting, and a guy stopped and started to ask us about our work, and talk about a lot of stuff, he had seen The Other Side of Heaven and had a lot to say, and to make a long conversation short he is very ready to except the gospel, the lord works in mysterious ways, we shouldn’t have even needed to go there. But I hope you all have a great week, and I will pray for you all.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

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(May 19th)

I am glad to hear that things are progressing so fast there, Eve, Aurora and Tawny have all passed to be one more Year older, and one year closer to finishing school. And I can’t believe Eve is so close to leaving for a mission, it is all going so fast. Well this week started out pretty slow with nothing happing and we were confused by the days passing by without anything, then we did a fast and started a personal sanctification and things began to change quickly to make this week a very very good week, we will baptize the mother of a member here this week without a doubt, and we will baptize another woman very cool this next week, but best of all, this past Saturday a family that I taught and cared a lot about was baptized this past week, and I am very happy, we also can complete a part member family here baptizing the husband, and last night we found a lot of great people. Also this week I began a program to memorize Scriptures, and the way to do it has made it so easy and fast that I have already memorized more than 20 this week and I plan to have more than 1000 by the end of my mission, and it’s in the form that I won’t forget them, and I know the book and numbers, I have also memorized the books in the bible and Book of Mormon in order and a lot more, I have found that I could even memorize more than 100 numbers of pie in just half an hour. It’s cool. It is also cooling down some here. I am very happy here on the mission, what would you guys think of me staying a little more time out? Well I hope you all have a great week and that you remember me as time passes.

Com Amor, Elder Inman


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