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We had an awesome week

30 Jun

DSC08797 (1)It sure is good to have good health, where I’m at a lot of missionaries have to leave for health problems, but I am good and well with luck. We had an awesome week, we find so many new people who are so special to us each week, we also arrived here with few lunches each week but we have grown to have lunch every day without fail for a few weeks, very good. And also we have taught a lot with members this week, we had 12 lessons with member this week, more than two times my old time record, but what really made the week was today we got to experience a little of the Amazon in which we live, going through the mountains, the beaches, and one of the many water falls, if we have more than 75 people in the church this week we will also get to go to many more water falls next week. It is amazing how beautiful it is here, and it was also cooler today. We will all have to visit hear after my mission. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week. Com Amor, Elder Inman

I love this work.

23 Jun

(June 16th)

Well it looks like God is in the huge blessings kind of mood, I am very happy to hear about it all, Things have changed dramatically for me here on the mission as well, Firstly we got a call Thursday saying that my companion was transferred in the middle of the transfer and he would leave Saturday morning, and Friday night would arrive the sisters, with a new sister in our area, the really blond one from my district in the MTC. Also I was made District leader. We also had two baptisms, they were awesome, we will baptize one more from their family this week, My companion is Equadorian and is pretty awesome, We have established or companionship on the principals of prayer and fasting, and it has blessed us imensament, we have taught a lot with members and President Sousa from the mission even spent a day with us passing some of our investigators, which all are solid, one family will go to the Cartorio this week to get married and the whole family will be baptized, they love the church. We also taught a very large family who are friends of our recent converts, they are passing a difficult time because of a member in the family being in the hospital with very serious health issues, we began with them having no interest in the church, but we taught the plan of salvation and the spirit was so strong that they all agreed to go to church this next week and be baptized, it’s a lot of people. And after that I began to do a lot of contacts in the street and I thought it was odd that no one gave me the time of day, but we continued trying and we passed a bar and a man called me over saying he would like to give us lunch and bring his wife to our church, then a little after that was passed a pizza place and a woman called us over asking for copies of the Book of Mormon, she wanted to teach her friend about the church and she lives in Holland but was visiting her family for the day, her family that lives here has one more that is a member but the rest aren’t and the are very interested. The lord has blessed us soo much, and with many experiences like the ones I related, many. I hope the blessings continue to pour out on both ends, there and here. I love this work.


(June 9th)

Well this week was very rushed, and busy, To begin our baptisms were very strong until with surprise they had to move, so we sent them away with a lot to read in the Book of Mormon, and I have also found that it brings so much spirit to read the Book of Mormon with our investigators, I love thins book. We have on investigator who received an answer about the church when she saw an angel, and another is having a lot of dreams, another has found that each time we visit everything seems to work out right for him when all was going very wrong before. The lord is doing a lot for is, and also 4 of the 6 missionaries from here were sent to Goininia for a week because of illness so we have been running like crazy to help all of their investigators, and we brought 8 to church on Sunday, 2 will be baptized and 3 in the following weeks and a man will get married and his family will get baptized, we also brought a family to church, but they also need to get married to get baptized. Time here passes so fast and we are starting to see so many of the missionaries I know so well finish the mission and it is crazy to think about how time if going. I hope you all have a great week and I love you all so much, Com Amor, Elder Inman

June 9 II

(June 2nd)

It is pretty crazy how fast time is going by, I don’t even know what to do, I feel like I’m losing my time out here so fast, and each week is faster. I do pray for you all also, I know that everything is in God’s hands and its best to just go along with what he chooses, I have seen that he really is involved in each one of our lives. I have also been teaching a lot more with experiences from my life, and when I do that it always brings the spirit and people really understand the types of blessings that they can receive if they keep that commandment. this week we taught a man from Haiti who works at the animal rescue farm, he is learning Portuguese and know 3 other languages, he is pretty awesome and has a very cool culture, and this week he went to church with us and arrives with white pants, an aquamarine shirt and snake skin shoes of the same color, it was pretty cool. I hope you all have an amazing week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

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(May 26th)

I’m glad to hear things are going well, except for the little things, you all my go to the Kings island but that place pales in comparison to the animal rescue farm we went to today, a goat chased a sister, we saw some shy monkeys, a few boars, a rattle snake and her baby eating, and some large ostriches, it was cool. Also this week we had a baptism, the son baptized her and helped confirm her, it was really cool, it’s so much but when a person already has family in the church. Also my companion was pretty sick during the week so we didn’t get to work so much but this coming week will be awesome. Also the mission has blessed me with a much clearer mind and I have found I am learning how to do anything a lot fast on the mission, I have some new talents that I will be glad to show you all after the mission, and also I have already memorized 50 verses of scripture in only 2 weeks. it is awesome how clear everything is.

I hope you all have an awesome week

Com Muito Amor, Elder Inman

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(May 19th) 

I am glad to hear that things are progressing so fast there, Eve, Aurora and Tawny have all passed to be one more Year older, and one year closer to finishing school. And I can’t believe Eve is so close to leaving for a mission, it is all going so fast. Well this week started out pretty slow with nothing happing and we were confused by the days passing by without anything, then we did a fast and started a personal sanctification and things began to change quickly to make this week a very very good week, we will baptize the mother of a member here this week without a doubt, and we will baptize another woman very cool this next week, but best of all, this past Saturday a family that I taught and cared a lot about was baptized this past week, and I am very happy, we also can complete a part member family here baptizing the husband, and last night we found a lot of great people. Also this week I began a program to memorize Scriptures, and the way to do it has made it so easy and fast that I have already memorized more than 20 this week and I plan to have more than 1000 by the end of my mission, and its in the form that I won’t forget them, and I know the book and numbers, I have also memorized the books in the bible and Book of Mormon in order and a lot more, I have found that I could even memorize more than 100 numbers of pie in just half an hour. It’s cool. It is also cooling down some here. I am very happy here on the mission, what would you guys think of me staying a little more time out? Well I hope you all have a great week and that you remember me as time passes.

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