Monkeys & Dolphins

13 Aug

(Aug 11th) 

July monkeys

We didn’t hit 16 yet but we will, and this week we had higher numbers in almost every area than I have had any other week of my mission, we are very excited for the future. We can see the results of your prayers, miracles, people seen to be understand more and the woman we are helping stopped smoking and her niece isn’t far behind, it’s amazing to see the huge changes and the miracles in each one of the lives of the people we are teaching. We also had an interesting experience where the president and his dois councilors were all traveling on Sunday and there families were gone with them, but the lord blessed us the frequency didn’t fall, so this next week should be absolutely amazing. I hope you all have an amazing week, I thought a lot of dad yesterday and his amazing example for me, I know he is the most amazing father that I know and I have met many here on the mission. It amazes me. I hope he had a great father’s day (dia dos pais). One of our investigators when arrived at church gave us two white flowers. I love this work. 

Com Amor Elder Inman

Ps. I saw a group of monkeys in the street, how cool, almost touched one.

(Aug 4th) 

I thought that I had written last week, but it looks like it didn’t send, sorry. Well I am glad that aurora is alright. It looks like a lot is changing there. I can say that we do have a lot of strange food here, chicken heart, chicken eggs before they are formed or leave the chicken, very weird, cow tail, and stomach. Usually the weird stuff is meat, but we also have a berry tree in which the berries grow directly out of the trunk and branches, without stem. This week we had a conference in Goiania, first elders that I have seen in 4 months. It was great, and president talked about the second coming and it was very cool what we learned it’s amazing what the scriptures teach, they have so much information. I talked about how to have more lessons with members seeing that we had the most in the mission, and we had a great lunch in which we got to talk to all our old friends in the mission and almost everyone from our district in the mtc. We also suffered 14 hours of traveling in just two days. We have one baptism planned for this week, a woman we are helping to stop smoking and we also have a family which is marking a date of marriage for the beginning of this next month, the work is moving along and we are looking forward to many miracles this week.

I love you all so much.

Com Amor

Elder Inman

(July 21)

July I

Man I am so excited for Eve, that will be an amazing mission, I was very excited when I read her email, man what great News, one more missionary, the first of the girls. Well they are fresh water dolphins. Girl’s camp looks like fun as Always. And this week was great we had 63 at church, much more, 20 more, and we had a baptism, it was great we had Pres. Kuceki here in Barra, he was with his Family, they went to the beach and such and also were at our baptism and the branch party after it was awesome, and just to let you all he is one of the greatest people I know, and is very funny, when we were doing the Picture he pushed me so I would fall, like dad would do, in fact his Family is very similar to ours. They also had lunch with us which was great and they spoke Sunday, which was inspiring. This week was very full of tourists, and also many people brought plans and were flying all day every day right over our heads, doing tricks and synchronized flying, it was very cool. I am in Paradise. Well I am excited for all of you.

love you all very much, And I got the package from the Ward which was spot on, loved it, especially the stickers.

Com Amor, Elder Inman 

(July 14th)

IMG_0735 (1) IMG_0746I was talking about all the stuff my Family has done together lately during this year and now we can include baseball, I am a little jealous. But that’s ok, it was David’s Birthday, crazy, tell him Happy birthday because I do not have his email. And yesterday I saw two dolphins playing in the river for a long while, it’s cool. This week was great we are literally running each day from one lesson to another, non-stop, we had 8 investigators in the church two of which will be baptized this week and two others who will be baptized the following week, we also have two who will mark a day of marriage today in two weeks’ time and will be baptized the same day or the following day. We are very excited to work here, our investigators are inviting all their Family and friends to hear the lessons, I love this work. This week president will arrive here and it will be nice to see him after so much time, I am very happy to be serving here. I hope girl’s camp goes well and that the weather stays cool, that sound nice. That have a type of youth conference during the time of the carnival here to get the youth away from that stuff. Brazil lost in a very embarrassing way, the worst game for them in all of history. it’s funny, people cried. But at least Argentina lost, Brazil hates Argentina. This week I also learned how to make some awesome chocolate treats because an investigator taught me, with fruit fillings inside, I shared with a group of members, it was very good.

I hope you all have a great week, love you all.

Elder Inman


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