My new area is in the city of Jatai, it is beautiful.

30 Aug

(Aug 25th)

Well this week was excellent. I was transferred to open a new area, received a lot of new missionaries and the mission opened 11 areas, some new cities that don’t even have members, the missionaries will arrive there and begin looking for a house to rent. for now they are on the street. My new area is in the city of Jatai, it is beautiful here and it has a ward with a beautiful igrea, it has a lot of empty space that we will help to fill. My companion is a Brazilian, but he is a little taller than me and looks more American than I do, so people switch us two. He is great and we will have a lot of fun together. I was thinking about doing a little theater after my mission but it happened a lot sooner. The church was doing a play here on the resurrection of Crist and one of the actor wasn’t able to make it so I quickly memorized the part and played his part, it was great, we have some fun photos of me dressed up as a roman guard. I love the new area and am very excited to be here. It looks like you all had a lot of fun, one day I will be there too. Man the mission is going too fast. I hope you all have a great week. 

Com Amor, Elder Inman  Aug 2014 II

(Aug 18th)

Man I can tell that the prayers are very strong. The woman who was baptized this week was so addicted to smoking that she thought she was dying in part of the process and tried to quit so many times, but then she had a dream of me throwing all of her coffee and cigarettes out the window, she then stopped the entire week before her baptism, than she tried to smoke one more time the end of the week and wasn’t able to, the moment she got close she vomited. It was a miracle. The day of the baptism her niece asked to be baptized with her because they are so close, she said she is only smoking a little and would stop after the baptism, she could use prayers because she is so close. We also have a family who will be married and baptized September 5 and they had asked me and my companion to be the testimonies. It is also a miracle because the sisters in our ward had the same situation on the same day. The ward had 54 in church which is an amazing progress and there is so much to look forward to. I was transferred though, so this week I will go to my new area, we did commemorate by climbing the mountain to see the Cristus statue, 2000 steps to the top, and we had to go back down also, my legs were shaking but it was great. We could see the entire city with much more expanse, it is hard to say good bye to Barra. But the lord has called me, so I will go.

I love you all and hope all goes well there. Com Amor, Elder InmanAug 2014 I Aug 2014


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