I will be getting [another] new [companion] this week

21 Sep

One of my investigators saw the blog and loved it because she saw the baptism of a member of her family, and I also saw it and it brought back so many memories from my mission. I know that what I’m doing here is the most important thing I can be doing right now. This week was amazing. Our ward had a great activity in which we had about 200-300 people and 50 were investigators. The members brought a lot of family and friends and many of our investigators went also. Also this week was a birthday party that had a lot of success and a wedding, so we had plenty going on. We taught the richest people here in Jataí, or close to it. In a mansion that they built. They were great and they know that it is important to have a balance with temporal and spiritual needs. You can pray for them, and also a large family in qual the mother visited the church and the rest will next week. Also a young woman who is investigating the church, who is the perfect investigator, she did the research of the church on the church website and had some questions for us which were excellent, does like science and religion for your church agree one with another, and if a person is good and helps others like Christ taught but don’t believe in god, could they enter gods kingdom.
One more surprise is that my companion (who was very very good) was transferred and I will be getting a new one this week, that will be three in a month.
Love you all
Have a great week
Com Amor, Elder InmanDSCN2109


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