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43 = 110 degrees

20 Oct

I’m glad the family fast went well, my companion even decided to do it with me, he is great.

So the week passed by very hot, always in the hundreds, but we got rain by the end of it, that was awesome, I love walking in the rain. it got so hot though that during one of my lessons two hamsters in the house of our investigator died from the heat, so they took the others an bathed them in water so they wouldn’t die also. There also appears to be a water shortage in many places here in brazil so it was nice to have the rain, we aren’t being affected to much by it here. This week was great, a young man was baptized that is very set on serving a mission, it was cool. Also we had a great English class, and some of our students started to ask about the church and said that they definitely won’t miss any of our classes, it is cool to see Brazilians learn English.

I am having a great time on the mission, I am part of the ward choir now, I have gotten a lot better at singing, and the mission is a dream,

I hope that all is going well where you’re all at. I have begun to use pictures of my family in the first lessons and it is great, it really brings the spirit, and we found and taught an amazing family which has a great desire to grow in union and love and they accepted the message very well, I have a great hope that this family will be baptized, and will be one of the stronger families here in Jataí. I hope that you guys have great family reunions. and I’m excited about Wills progress. Pray for them if you can. I love and miss you all.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

p.s. the yellow fruit there is called piqui, and if you bite into it your mouth will be full of small splinters and you need a few hours to take them all out, but they’re good.  Oct2014 Oct2014I


Children’s Day

13 Oct

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While you all will be taking the rain and the cool I have been getting and extra part of the heat, we have had almost every day above 40degrees, that’s already in the 100´s, and the picture of me with 42 is like 108 degrees, and if you can see I’m not even sweating, I think that I am changing and sweating a lot less, so that is good. Also this week my companion began to sleep scream and jumped out of bed, he sleep talks a lot also, and it looks like I have began to sleep talk a little, it is very interesting. And funny a lot of the time. We had the confirmation of the young girl from last week, it was very good, a young man who is preparing for a mission did the confirmation. Also a cool holiday that they have here is the Children’s Day, all the kids have a lot of parties and candy and receive presents, as if they didn’t receive enough as it is, but it was cool, my companion played the piano for the primary and because of our help we got some bags of candy also. The testimony meeting this week was also very strong and I could see that conference helped a lot of people. I feel very blessed to be part of this work right now in my life, it is a very peculiar time.

I hope you all have a great week, miss and love each one of you.

Com Amor Elder Inman

This was my third conference on the mission

6 Oct

Yes I loved conference, and I thought about how strong he (Richard G. Scott) said it all, that these things are more important than work or sleep, and I am glad to have been part of  a family that always did these things, I talk about it all the time I’m our lessons and people love the idea of a family united like that.

The grass tea is a tea that you use a type of large grass that grows here, I did some more of it yesterday, its very good. And our recent converts were at almost every session, and brought along 9 more people in the family and friends to watch. She is super strong. We are very excited for the work.

I loved the talk on personal revelation, and also the talks on follow the Prophet, I did love the talk on the family, I loved the whole conference, and it was very good to see a talk that was originally Portuguese, it was very good, was watch all the talks in Portuguese, with a voice masking the voice of the speaker but it is always better to listen to the speakers own voice. My companion was exhausted after a couple talks trying to understand it all, and began to just listen without understanding, and slept a little, but I remember that it was like that for me my first conference on the mission also.

It is incredible how fast the time is going this was my third conference on the mission.

I love you all,

Com Amor, Elder InmanDSCF2002 DSCF5045 DSCF8007 (1)

This week was one of the best that I have had on the mission

6 Oct

(Sept 29)

I love to hear about all the changes that are happening there, I have learned a lot on the mission and my vision of everything has been greatly expanded about situations of different types of people in many different situations and I can see how much I was blessed with my life, I could never complain about anything, it is true the Lord is always sending the blessing we just have to be in the attitude to receive them.

My companion and I are very happy, this week was one of the best that I have had on the mission, I am very happy, and all of it is what the lord is doing for us, we are just in the attitude to receive the blessings now, we had a great baptism in which 5 more people in her family came to watch and three of them went to church the next day, one will be baptized this Saturday, she asked to be baptized, we also had another family we are teaching at the baptism, and they want to be baptized the 11th and one even asked if she could be baptized sooner, we had another family visit the church which already had a date of baptism marked for the 11th and another family visit which loved the church and we marked a date with them for the 11th also, and they are wanting to bring more friends to church, we also had a family less active which we are helping to return, and they have two children which are now teenagers, who want to return to church and already are living the Mormon life style, they will do a tour of the new church this week and we will try to mark a date with them for the 11th also. We will start a class of English which will have a lot of success and the lord is blessing us openly. I know this church and this work are true, the president wants us to baptize 12 each month and I know that it is possible. Your prayers are being heard, thank you all so much, and I am very happy to hear about Taylor, very happy, he’s my brother.

This conference will be amazing.

Have a great week, Love Elder Inman

(Sept 22nd)

Man so much in so little time, everyone left, and arrived one more. I hope that kid grows well. I am excited to see how this mission goes for here because now I know what it’s like, I love training an American because I’m reliving my first months here in Brasil, and it’s very funny, I hope we have more time together, we do have transfers this week but I don’t think too much will change.

I am proud of Danni, it’s good to see such a good little sister, we had a few of the grand children of our investigator in the church and one was the age of Danni and the other of Enoch and were brother and sister and she was a good older sister just like Danni, she took good care of him. And I don’t know too much but is Enoch speaking a lot.

This week we had a good rain, I like entering the houses of wealthy investigators with a stream of dirty water left behind us. We have a lot of great people here and you can pray for them to make it to church without problem, some normal problems that stop them are usually work and health/hospital.

I learned how to do a great grass tea, and also we will go to a botanical garden today, yey.

Have a great week all, I love you all, Com Amor, Elder Inman