This was my third conference on the mission

6 Oct

Yes I loved conference, and I thought about how strong he (Richard G. Scott) said it all, that these things are more important than work or sleep, and I am glad to have been part of  a family that always did these things, I talk about it all the time I’m our lessons and people love the idea of a family united like that.

The grass tea is a tea that you use a type of large grass that grows here, I did some more of it yesterday, its very good. And our recent converts were at almost every session, and brought along 9 more people in the family and friends to watch. She is super strong. We are very excited for the work.

I loved the talk on personal revelation, and also the talks on follow the Prophet, I did love the talk on the family, I loved the whole conference, and it was very good to see a talk that was originally Portuguese, it was very good, was watch all the talks in Portuguese, with a voice masking the voice of the speaker but it is always better to listen to the speakers own voice. My companion was exhausted after a couple talks trying to understand it all, and began to just listen without understanding, and slept a little, but I remember that it was like that for me my first conference on the mission also.

It is incredible how fast the time is going this was my third conference on the mission.

I love you all,

Com Amor, Elder InmanDSCF2002 DSCF5045 DSCF8007 (1)


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