Children’s Day

13 Oct

Oct 2014 I oct 2014

While you all will be taking the rain and the cool I have been getting and extra part of the heat, we have had almost every day above 40degrees, that’s already in the 100´s, and the picture of me with 42 is like 108 degrees, and if you can see I’m not even sweating, I think that I am changing and sweating a lot less, so that is good. Also this week my companion began to sleep scream and jumped out of bed, he sleep talks a lot also, and it looks like I have began to sleep talk a little, it is very interesting. And funny a lot of the time. We had the confirmation of the young girl from last week, it was very good, a young man who is preparing for a mission did the confirmation. Also a cool holiday that they have here is the Children’s Day, all the kids have a lot of parties and candy and receive presents, as if they didn’t receive enough as it is, but it was cool, my companion played the piano for the primary and because of our help we got some bags of candy also. The testimony meeting this week was also very strong and I could see that conference helped a lot of people. I feel very blessed to be part of this work right now in my life, it is a very peculiar time.

I hope you all have a great week, miss and love each one of you.

Com Amor Elder Inman


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