43 = 110 degrees

20 Oct

I’m glad the family fast went well, my companion even decided to do it with me, he is great.

So the week passed by very hot, always in the hundreds, but we got rain by the end of it, that was awesome, I love walking in the rain. it got so hot though that during one of my lessons two hamsters in the house of our investigator died from the heat, so they took the others an bathed them in water so they wouldn’t die also. There also appears to be a water shortage in many places here in brazil so it was nice to have the rain, we aren’t being affected to much by it here. This week was great, a young man was baptized that is very set on serving a mission, it was cool. Also we had a great English class, and some of our students started to ask about the church and said that they definitely won’t miss any of our classes, it is cool to see Brazilians learn English.

I am having a great time on the mission, I am part of the ward choir now, I have gotten a lot better at singing, and the mission is a dream,

I hope that all is going well where you’re all at. I have begun to use pictures of my family in the first lessons and it is great, it really brings the spirit, and we found and taught an amazing family which has a great desire to grow in union and love and they accepted the message very well, I have a great hope that this family will be baptized, and will be one of the stronger families here in Jataí. I hope that you guys have great family reunions. and I’m excited about Wills progress. Pray for them if you can. I love and miss you all.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

p.s. the yellow fruit there is called piqui, and if you bite into it your mouth will be full of small splinters and you need a few hours to take them all out, but they’re good.  Oct2014 Oct2014I


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