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This was one of the greatest weeks of my life

17 Nov

That is a simple recipe (pizza dough), the only problem is that there is now way to know what temperature the oven is at, it only has high, medium and low, the blessing of gas ovens, old gas ovens. But I will try it out.

I think I walked more than David in his whole mission in just one week here, it’s incredible how much we walk, it’s very normal for me to walk many miles each day, and sometimes I need to run, literally run, though we are always walking at a running pace, I felt bad for my companion when he arrived, I think he suffered a little adapting to walking so fast.

This was one of the greatest weeks of my life, I loved each minute, the lord is blessing this ward very much. When I arrived here the attendance frequency was the high 60´s and low 70´s, it had jumped up to the low 90´s and this week for ward conference it was 120, we had 23 investigators, many miracles, who were present to hear the amazing talk given by Pres. Souza. All enjoyed it. my companion and I were blessed with the ability to pass our goals. We did have a great baptism, it was one of the greatest I have ever seen, the young woman that was baptized is extremely amazing.

I will check about the Google hangout and see what happens.

Thank you for your prayers and all you do for me I will remember you all in my thoughts and actions.

Also I have a huge testimony of praying and fasting, I will never go without it.

I hope you all have a great week.

com Amor, Elder InmanNov 2014 IV


the people are extremely amazing people

16 Nov

(Poor Missionary didn’t get an email from mom this week…)

Well this week was an amazing experience, I have found that each days passes a little faster and each moment is a little more precious, we have found amazing progress here in Jataí, it appears that the Lord is preparing many individuals to help this branch grow and become a strong union, the people that we are working with are extremely amazing people and the Lord will use them to do so much here and in other places. I know that this is the Lord’s church and that he is guiding it, and all the rain that we walk through and all the hot days have just helped my testimony grow of the importance of this work, Elder Trent is an amazing companion and we will work miracles together. I am so happy to be part of this work especially right now in this moment of time, I hope all is going well there for you guys and that you are being blessed in all that you do.

com Amor, Elder Inman

I believe that the mission will grow a lot

4 Nov

The shoes David got me don’t exist anymore, nor the ones that came after them, I am on the third generation of shoes, I’m just lucky that people like giving me presents here, so I have never needed to buy shoes, in fact this week a wonderful woman here bought me some this week, she said that they aren’t shoes but that they are canoes because of the size.

That fish is a massager, it is very good.

Well this week was amazing because of many things, one is that we had a zone conference and our president has created a system for our goals that I have been waiting for my whole mission, I believe that the mission will grow a lot. It already has, I have been told that our president might be the greatest in all of Brazil, and with the results that he has had, he really just might be. Also while I was in Rio Verde for our conference I was told many times by the missionaries and the members that they talk about me all the time, I felt really good because I know that I left a lasting effect there. Our English class is doing very well, 2 of our students visited the church and loved it, one we marked a baptismal date with after church, and she is an amazing individual, she has made a great friend with one of the members that was at English class, and they went to the movies together that night, and she also went to a family night. She spent almost the whole of Sunday with Mormons, it was pretty great. Also we had 89 people at church 23 more than last week, and the ward fast is working very well because everyone is very missionary minded all of a sudden. Our recent convert also arrived at church with 8 of her grandchildren, it doubled the primary, I was very happy with this week and we carved the pumpkins, the neighbors loved them.

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Pumpkin pie

2 Nov

Well this week was great, we were led to a part member family and they all went to church on Sunday, and it was great, I also gave a speech that I felt good about, and a brother there gave me a letter after that said ´´my dear friend thank you, read Moroni 8:2´´ that was powerful. We also have grown our English class we have two classes one for beginners and another for the ones that already are able to speak well, we had six in each one and only 3 were members, one of the members was very happy afterwards and said that it has been a long time that she had been happy. Choir is also great. And the weather is cooling down because of the rain so that was really nice. I also did a pumpkin pie without experience and without a recipe, and it was very good, and the Brazilians never have heard of it but they loved it, I had a pie eating contest with my companion. I won. I love the mission and Brazil. I hope all went well for you all.

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