Pumpkin pie

2 Nov

Well this week was great, we were led to a part member family and they all went to church on Sunday, and it was great, I also gave a speech that I felt good about, and a brother there gave me a letter after that said ´´my dear friend thank you, read Moroni 8:2´´ that was powerful. We also have grown our English class we have two classes one for beginners and another for the ones that already are able to speak well, we had six in each one and only 3 were members, one of the members was very happy afterwards and said that it has been a long time that she had been happy. Choir is also great. And the weather is cooling down because of the rain so that was really nice. I also did a pumpkin pie without experience and without a recipe, and it was very good, and the Brazilians never have heard of it but they loved it, I had a pie eating contest with my companion. I won. I love the mission and Brazil. I hope all went well for you all.

Com Amor, Elder Inman  OCt 2014 2 Oct 2014 3 oct 2014 4


One Response to “Pumpkin pie”

  1. Leonardo Martins from english class November 4, 2014 at 12:23 am #

    I still wanna try this pumpkin pie, ok?! haha

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