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This was one more amazing week.

15 Dec

Well this week is transfers and I was transferred so I still don’t know where or with whom I will be, but I will know this week, I imagine that I will be doing it around 3 or 4 o´clock.     I am sad to be leaving but we had a great district conference and we had an amazing baptism. I don’t know how I got to be blessed to see the conversion of such an amazing family. We didn’t get to do much during the week, our work was more for the next week because to conference was in rio verde and the bus only had space for 50 so we didn’t invite our investigators. But rio verde has grown so much, I am very glad to see how close this district has gotten to be a stake. I also have loved to see this branch grow so much. I feel like I am leaving family behind here.

You guys can start to talk one with another to see who would like to go with me when I return to visit every one, preferably during the Olympics., I will need money but I have places to stay for free, people willing to give food, and I speak the language. Man! I love the mission. And I will get home running, no need to stop till the end. I love you all. Com Amor, Elder Inmandec 2014 4dec 2014 3


 (Dec. 8th)

We have been cut on how much time we have to use the computer, that’s why the email was a little shorter, but I will write you first for now on.

First I will respond your question, yes they do have black Friday, but it is not quite like ours, they just raise the price before and bring it back down to the normal price, and they have it a few times each year.

I will look to see if I can find a cool Brazilian nativity, that would be cool.

It is weird to see some of the others returning already, I feel so bad for them, it is not very common for Americans here to have their parent pick them up, but it does happen, I do see a few.

Yes we can use google and we have transfers this next week so I will have to wait till then to schedule our time. And luckily it has been much cooler here lately, very good.

Well this week really was amazing, we had the 5 baptisms, and the sisters had 1 so that was 6 baptisms and 6 confirmations, that was a blast, and it made an impression on the branch. One of the young men in the ward said the equivalent in his testimony, ´´I´ve never seen so many confirmations, I mean that’s like crazy´´

The baptisms were more from the families we had baptized the first month I was here and 3 weeks ago, it I so cool to see those families grow in the church, the young woman who was baptized 3 weeks ago said she had been fasting to see her family be baptized and finally got to see it, she was also called as the Gospel principle teacher, this week we will have the baptism of her aunt.

One more cool thing that happened this week was we helped a wounded parrot, the other elders found it on the street, and we gave it a house for one night waiting for the president to get him, it was fun, and he even began to repeat us.

I hope you have a great week, Com Muito Amor, Elder Inmandec 2014 1dec 2014


(Dec. 1st)

Another great week, we had pamonhas and chocolate cake for thanksgiving, we have some great people that live here. And this week we had the baptism of one of the grandchildren of the woman that was baptized 2 months ago, it was great, we had 32 investigators visit the branch this week and an increase of 55 people in our frequency this week, many miracles are always happening and we can see that the lord is preparing the people that will help this branch grow very quickly, I love this work, I am excited for the baptism that we will have in the following week, I get more and more excited each week to be part of this work, the Lord is close. I hope you all had a great week and that you can find joy in each moment. Love you all very much.dec 2014 2

Com Amor, Elder Inman