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we will have many baptisms here

15 Feb

I believe it is close too  , the President made this area the zone leaders area so that we can really work well here and open this branch, if it was the president’s choice it would already be open. We had 20 people visit the church this week, 11 from here, it was incredible, we will have many baptisms here, we have two families which are preparing to get married here, so that they can get baptized, it take 30 days here to get married, so it will be a month, but one of them is make huge sacrifices to have the wedding sooner, it’s incredible, they could wait to get married a few months and it would be cheaper, but the want me to be here to see it so they are willing to pay more than a thousand dollars. The picture is a picture of that family. So much is happening and I’m very excited. I am also inspired by your focus in doing a kind act each day, I will try to do the same. And I loved it in the past when I had my date with the parents, that’s so fun.feb2015IIIfeb2015iifeb2015

I hope you all have a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman


I think they will open a branch here any minute

8 Feb

(Feb 2nd, 2015)

I am very glad to see the great week that you guys had, a baptism is the best thing that can happen, and I’m glad dad got the chance to do it. Also I’m glad that you guys are having fun in Burris, I bet Danni and Enoch are doing great there, and that you danced very well also (referring to Bill & Kristie chaperoning homecoming). 

I will begin to try to plan out everything a little more. But that sounds like a fun possibility (Referring to rooming with Matt Shrack).

This week was transfers for us, I wasn’t transferred but my companion was and my new companion will be zone leader with me here in Sendar Canedo, Presidente sees a lot of possibility here, I think they will open a branch here any minute. Each week we have more people visiting the church from here, the Family was there, but they need to get married, but they all accepted to be baptized, it will be very cool. I am excited by the missionary work and hope that you guys are feeling the blessings by my service and that you all can continue having great missionary experiences. Love you all so much

Also we had a fun experience, when i arrived here we gave a box of chocolate to the bishops wife with a note of thanks, she recently had a baby so i hadn’t seen her much, but one month latter she said she was so happy to receive our present and she wanted to give us lunch, so she did and the bishop has seen our great work and he told us that we have gained his confidence and wants to work a lot more in the missionary work, something that has never happened before, so was sat down for a while just to discuss ideas about what we can do to help the ward move forward and open a branch in Senador Canedo, it was realy good.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

(Jan 26th, 2015)  Jan 2015Well it does look like I have managed to extend my time on the mission, he didn’t let me extend one more year but at least I have one more month, so yes it will be June 4th. I hope that doesn’t ruin any of your plans back home, I am certain that this will bless you guys a lot back home. It is fun to see the pictures, I can’t believe how much Enoch has grown, and it’s good to see Eve hasn’t gotten chunky from all that Utah food.

I am so glad that dad does such a great job in his church service, he is a great example for me, and many Brazilians know him here, both for his beautiful art and for his great example. I used him to give a talk this week. We also had 6 people visiting church this week, a large family, they could be one of the families of my dream to baptize, they are so great, and there was a talk given perfect for them, I sure do hope that they decide to be baptized together. Danilo also received the priesthood that was cool.

Also the American was at church, which was fun, he loves it here, it looks like they are planning to stay.

I do love the mission and life, though they are not easy, I hope and pray that many blessing are being sent your way. I love you guys so much.

Com Amor, Elder inman