we will have many baptisms here

15 Feb

I believe it is close too  , the President made this area the zone leaders area so that we can really work well here and open this branch, if it was the president’s choice it would already be open. We had 20 people visit the church this week, 11 from here, it was incredible, we will have many baptisms here, we have two families which are preparing to get married here, so that they can get baptized, it take 30 days here to get married, so it will be a month, but one of them is make huge sacrifices to have the wedding sooner, it’s incredible, they could wait to get married a few months and it would be cheaper, but the want me to be here to see it so they are willing to pay more than a thousand dollars. The picture is a picture of that family. So much is happening and I’m very excited. I am also inspired by your focus in doing a kind act each day, I will try to do the same. And I loved it in the past when I had my date with the parents, that’s so fun.feb2015IIIfeb2015iifeb2015

I hope you all have a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman


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