I love how great the work is here

8 Mar

(mar 2nd) 

Mar20154 March2015fb March2015fbII

Well it looks like you have already seen the pictures from my week, haha it was a great week, I love how great the work is here. We hope to have baptisms each week now,

I love the mission, and it goes by faster and faster, I am getting better and better though, I haven’t lost any steam here, I will go hard to the end. We are having a lot of success. I can’t wait to see a branch open here.

I hope that all goes well and that it isn’t to difficult to say bye to your Sister, I know sometimes members cry when a good missionary leaves. Also I will worry about the whole writing people thing when I get back, I couldn’t possibly be the one to start writing someone.

I hope that things continue to go well there I will pray for you all, and I am happy to hear about eves success too.

i hope you have a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman

(Feb 23rd)

One of the strange fruits in Brazil…mar20153

This week was awesome, although the other Elder was sent to another area already.

We had 13 at church this week and we should have a few baptisms this week.

I have found that each week we are having more and more success and time is flying more and more quickly.

We have worked a lot more with the members this week and we are doing a few activities in their houses, we also were invited to the birthday party of one of our investigators and I gave her a dollar bill, that a good present here in Brazil, and it was the only dollar bill I had.

It may be cold there but it is very hot here, though we did get some pretty good rain storms that was nice to cool off.

I love the mission and can’t wait to tell you all all the fun stories.

Have a great week

Com Amor, Elder Inman

(Feb 16th) 

We are now in a threesome, the president was praying and he felt like this elder can learn something important with us to change his mission.mar20152

We are having such a great time here, we had 14 people visit the church this week and many more that wanted to but couldn’t because of it being the week of Carnaval.

By the way, Carnaval is from Satan.

The families are progressing well for the marriage and the baptism, I will return for when they get sealed in the temple. The man could be a future bishop, or stake president with this type of family, they are great.

I am having such a great time and I will pray that you all have a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman


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