it’s incredible to see the faith of the people

15 Mar

Well the number of people going to church from this city is always growing, and it’s incredible to see the faith of the people that are willing to go to another city to visit a church they had never known before when there are so many other churchs right next to them. This week we had one more baptism and we hope to have baptisms each week here, I’m not sure if I’ll stay here but I sure would be happy if I did, I think it’s the best area in the mission now, funny, it was one of the worst when I arrived. We have so many people that are so great and that have so much desire to find the truth, we have a few families that I can see as the future bishops and leaders of the church here, but unfortunately it will be hard to open a new branch because they are wanting to stop expanding and start strengthening what we have in this area, but I still have hope they will open a branch here soon. I have had such a great week we had very good numbers this week, and we are seeing the results of our hard work.

I will have a lot of stories to tell after the mission because I just don’t have the time to tell them here, but I have some good ones from this week. I also got a letter from one of my recent convert families, it was awesome, it said that they are all great, that she is now teaching seminary and gospel principals, that her mom is in a calling in the library and her aunt is in a calling in public relations and is planning a service project, and that her cousin got the priesthood and is passing the sacrament, it amazes me how well established they already are, it was a great treat to read about that.

Also, the president showed us a bunch of new church material that is prepared to help the missionaries get back in to life and success really quick, and he said that it isn’t necessary to think about our plans for after the mission until the day we get on the plane. I will think and pray about Utah though.

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week.

I also loved the pics

Com AMor, Elder InmanMAR20155 Mar20156


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