We have had a lot of other miracles also this week

22 Mar

It sounds like you had a great times out for women, that is very cool. And I can see that that is true (about being happy). I did stay this transfer luckily, and my comp is also the same, I am very happy we are having so much success together. We are being blessed with so many great people to teach, many families, a new family visited the church this week and they said they will be returning and we had two others that would be visiting for the first time but one got very sick and another could go because his brother took his car and didn’t return it on time he kept it until after church had ended and the man’s cell phone was in his car so we couldn’t even talk to him. Even though this happened he is very very excited to visit the church, he is one of the most elect people I have seen on my mission, we barely taught him about the restoration and already on the second visit when his brother entered he told his brother to hear our messages because we are from Christ’s church, his brother replied ´´yeh all churches are good´´ then he responded back, but you don’t understand this is the church that Christ himself founded and brought back to the Earth because it was lost when the apostles died. he also visited his mom with us and he explained the restoration and taught about the book of Mormon with many details that we had never taught him, when we gave him the Book of Mormon he basically hugged it and said that he would read from it every day, even if it is just for a couple minutes, and that his daughters will read too. This man is awesome, he will be a great leader in the church one day. We have had a lot of other miracles also this week. Our recent converts are teaching people with us and that are very strong, and we should have many baptisms in these following weeks.

I am so glad to see Enoch is doing so well and hope he can wake up quicker haha

Eu te Amo, Com Amor, Elder Inman

Picture from Jacira Figueiredo facebook page:

Mar20157 fb


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