we are finding many great men who are leading their families

29 Mar

Spring here is Fall, So we are in Fall now which is nice, I felt like we have been blessed lately, it hasn’t been quite as hot, it’s been in the 80s recently, I think I have been able to stop sweating so much also, which is great, I remember at the beginning of my mission I was literally dripping sweat all day every day.

I don’t actually have to bad of a farmers tan, though my arms are much darker than my belly, it’s a gradual transition, but you will be able to see even a tie tan line.

Yes I heard about Eve I’m excited for her, we write each week, I can tell she´ll do great.

I am super excited for David and Camden too, it is true that every super hero needs a side kick.

I think I only miss the cold and the water for now, it would be nice to jump in a pool about now haha

I keep a journal but I have negligent a little for a couple months but I was writing every day, we have a lot less time as Zone Leader to write, but I’ll whip myself back into shape for that.

This week was excellent, we had so much fun, we taught so many great people, a lot of new people visited the church this week, and it seems we are finding many great men who are leading their families, that a nice change, the lord really is preparing this area to open a branch, the stake wants to open a branch, and just skip the step of group, so they will get ready to open the branch this year, and the lord is preparing the leaders.

I will have many stories to share that even if I give a thousand talks I won’t use them all up.

I hope you all stay warm and happy, I’m so grateful for my family, it’s the best.

I love you all so much, Com Amor, Elder Inman


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