it will be an awesome baptism

5 Apr

Man! I am so excited that we will have a temple so close, I hope to see the open house and dedication.

I am also very happy to see you had such a great conference. I am supper excited for this one it will be amazing and we hope to have 4-6 baptisms this day if all goes well, 4 would have been this week but the bishop wanted to do more for this family so he asked us to re-mark it for next week, it will be an awesome baptism.

I love the gospel so much and I am so happy to know that we are being led by living prophets, what they say to us now is even more important than the others said in the past. I know that they are inspired, I am studying the talks from last conference and I have found so many small treasures from it.

I hope you all have a great conference, I’ll have bunches to say afterward.

I am also so grateful for all those who have helped so much in my mission, I couldn’t do this all alone, I am sure.

I hope you have a great week.

Com Amor, Elder Inman


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