we had a wonderful baptism

12 Apr


I didn’t get to see any pictures, but I am sure Easter was fun, an Inman Easter is always a good one.

Also I found out there is an Elder Inman serving in Indiana, he’s From California, an investigator confused him for me when she looked for me on FB.

We had a baptism for Easter, it was awesome, and it was of a great family. That was a very nice B-day Present.

I loved Conference, I learned so much, I find it gets better each time. I did miss a lot of it though because we had to prepare the baptismal font, and it wasn’t draining so we had to scoop it all out with a bucket, my companion did it. But it all worked out, and we had a wonderful baptism, there wasn’t enough room in the room for all the people to sit or enter.

I really like the talk on grace, and on our agency.

It was also interesting how much the church has been focusing on freedom of religion and marriage.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I know I will, I’m 21, so strange. (President gave me a silk tie for my birthday, it made the other Elders Jealous haha)

Com AMor, Elder Inman



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